Join us at Antibiotic Research UK’s Great British Tea Party – Wednesday 18 November 2015


Hello to all those who want to eliminate superbugs by funding Antibiotic Research UK’s drug research.


To be held on Wednesday afternoon 18 November 2015

As part of our growing campaign to secure donations for our work we are launching a MAJOR fundraising initiative which we believe will capture your imagination, and that of your family, friends and colleagues. On Wednesday 18 November, to coincide with European Antibiotic Awareness Day (see, we will be holding our very first Great British Tea Party in aid of Antibiotic Research UK (Charity No 1157884) across the whole of the UNITED KINGDOM. We need you to help us make this a gigantic fundraising event so that we can raise money to tackle superbugs.

We would like you to organise The Great British Tea Party – either in your home, at your work place, in your community hall or any other suitable venue.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a global threat to us all and could lead to the end of modern medicine (which is wholly reliant on effective antibiotics) as we know it. To read about the devastating impact an antibiotic resistant infection can have read Emily’s story.

Our mission is to ‘Save Modern Medicine’ and we will do this by developing new antibiotic therapies. To achieve our objectives we need to raise money to fund our research and that is one of the main purposes of The Great British Tea Party. It is a social occasion where friends, family and work colleagues can meet to hear about the antibiotic resistance threat. The impact of antibiotic resistance on one individual is illustrated in Emily’s moving story which features on our website.

To get a Fundraising Pack please supply your name and address by filling out the form – click here and let’s all of us make this a massively successful event.

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