2018 Impact Report and Financial Review Published

Colin Garner ANTRUK announcements

Today 18 July 2019 we are pleased to announce the launch of 2018 Impact Report and Financial Review. The Report highlights some of our major achievements in 2018 including;

  • good progress in our goal of finding a new antibiotic treatment by the early 2020’s
  • further work on our search for non-antibiotic alternatives to treat bacterial infections
  • the award of six Small Research Grants to UK academic institutions
  • agreement to appoint a Patient Support Officer to provide information to patients suffering from an antibiotic resistant infection
  • a 33% increase in income compared with 2017; 2018 income totalled £381,188
  • a big increase in social media activity including 40,000 website visitors and 1000 new twitter followers
  • 21 online giving pages were set up on our behalf
  • our first legacy donations

Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive said ‘2018 was a year of outstanding progress for Antibiotic Research UK. The charity formed in mid-2014 is punching far above its weight in terms of its impact. By being a virtual organisation with consultants rather than employees and no bricks and mortar offices or labs we can ensure that more of your donation goes towards our mission of research, education and patient support,.

To read our Report download a copy by clicking HERE  If you need a hard copy version then please contact info@antibioticresearch.org.uk