Heat map showing antibiotic prescriptions per person across the UK

Antibiotic prescribing heat map infographic published all over the UK

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The antibiotic prescribing heat maps prepared by Antibiotic Research UK and analytic data provider Exasol AG have had wide coverage in the UK media. Exasol’s data analytic software enabled very rapid turn round of antibiotic prescribing data analysis on request. For example heat maps were able to be generated for James Gallagher, the BBC Health Correspondent, on antibiotic prescribing patterns in August versus December 2014 very quickly and appeared on the BBC website shortly after. The London Evening Standard asked for a heat map of antibiotic prescribing in the London area and they published this on Saturday 14 November 2015. Antibiotic Research UK hopes to be able to continue to work with Bright Bee Communications and Exasol AG in the coming months to provide new angles on antibiotic prescribing patterns.

It has been commented on that the heat map data has only been published for England. Unfortunately we believe there is no similar comprehensive prescribing data for other parts of the UK.