Antibiotic Research UK have applied for a Twitter grant to help them fight antibiotic resistant bacteria

Antibiotic Research UK apply for Twitter Grants for Good

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Below is an open letter to Twitter applying for one of their grants for good


Dear Sir or Madam,

How are you today?

I would like to apply for a twitter sponsored charity fund appeal.

Let me tell you why we are the perfect fit for Twitter’s most honorable donation fund.

Antibiotic Research UK is the world’s first charity to combat antibiotic resistant infection.  Our founders are the some of the world’s preeminent scientists in this field and our quest is to discover a new antibiotic by 2020.  We are determined to succeed.

Let me tell you why this quest is the most worthy of Twitters kind sponsorship.

It is only just happening in the West that leaders Barak Obama and David Cameron are beginning to  talk of the impending catastrophe that will hit western hospitals and schools when antibiotic resistant bacteria colonise in even larger numbers than they do already.  In the US there are 50,000 deaths from these ”superbug” infections a year already.  In future there is the threat that common antibiotics will fail against all bacterial infection and Medicine will be wound back to the times of the 1930’s where deaths from these infections pegged life expectancy back to less than 60 years old in the UK and even younger in the US.

Our aim is to raise 30M GBPounds in five years, which requires us to become the 330th largest charity in the UK by donations. 

We launched recently on October 14th and we already raising money in the private sector and are on target to raise 160K GBPounds in the first year.  We require GBPounds 250K to complete our first steps towards clinical trial (the prelude to releasing a new antibiotic to the market)

Our objective with the donation we request from Twitter will be used to reach 100,000 followers in the first year as awareness of this issue is little known in the high street.  Can you help?

Here is a link with a video showing David Cameron warning of the lack of new antibiotics and that this in turn could mean that Medicine Returns to the Dark Ages

You can see from our social profile that we are active but we have no marketing budget to help raise awareness online.  With twitters help our aim is to reach 100,000 followers so we can spread awareness of the problem and garner donations to the charity.

We would use the Twitter’s for three specific campaign objectives

  1. Spreading Awareness reach 100,000 followers
  2. Garnering Donations in order to reach our funding goals
  3. Connecting  Universities, Professor’s, Institutions and Science Companies

We have been featured on UK National News which can be viewed here which is a good summary of our plight in less than 4 mins.


I do so hope that you can understand that your help could save millions of lives as this threat is so much greater than virus’s like aids and Ebola will ever be to humanity, without trying to down play these issues in any way.

I am interested in getting your feedback in our request in a timely manner.

Yours hopefully


Chris Garner

CMO (pro bono)