Antibiotic Research UK receives £10,000 funding from The Pavers Foundation

Colin Garner ANTRUK announcements

Antibiotic Research UK, has been awarded £7,500 by the Pavers Foundation, the employee-led charitable initiative created by family-owned shoe retailer, Pavers. The donation was made on behalf of Jason Paver, Director of Sales at Pavers and Chair of the Pavers Foundation, who nominated the charity to help support their vital work, tackling antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic Research UK is the first UK charity to be created to tackle superbugs; it raises funds to develop new antibiotic therapies, to raise awareness amongst the public and professionals, and to support patients and their families with antibiotic resistant infections. Since founding, Antibiotic Research UK has raised approximately £1.5 million to fund its work.

Without effective antibiotics, modern medicine such as cancer treatments, organ transplants, childbirth, joint replacement and many more conditions would become impossible. Resistance, where bacterial infections are no longer treatable with antibiotics (superbugs) is on the rise throughout the world. Approximately 12,000 people die each year in the UK from resistance, a figure equal to that of deaths from breast or bowel cancer. Every day between 5-7 patients are admitted to York Hospital with difficult to treat infections. In some cases, these infections are life threatening leading to death through septicaemia.

The £10,000 donation from the Pavers Foundation will help to fund a diagnostic test that identifies which antibiotic an infected patient will respond to.Jason Paver, Director of Sales at Pavers and Chair of the Pavers Foundation said:

Widespread antibiotic resistance is one of the single greatest potential threats to human life that exist, but both media attention and government funding of research intended to combat this risk is lacking. The team at ANTRUK are doing fantastic work to try and address this situation, and we hope our donation will help further their cause.

Colin Garner, Founder and Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK said:

We are extremely grateful to the Pavers Foundation for their generous donation to help us in our battle against superbugs. Although we are a national charity, our headquarters are here in York and we have a strong local presence through our York Volunteer Group chaired by local businessman Ashley Burgess. We work very closely with the clinical microbiologists at York Teaching Hospital so that York patients can directly benefit from our work.

In December 2019, Antibiotic Research UK also received a separate donation of £2,500 from the Pavers Foundation, following an employee vote to nominate their next charity of the year.

Employees from Pavers, Jones Bootmaker and Herring Shoes voted between Antibiotic Research UK, Dogs for Good, Mind and Parkinson’s UK. With Mind receiving the majority of votes, they were awarded a donation of £65,000 from the Pavers Foundation.  However, the Pavers Foundation wanted to show support for the fantastic work of the three runner-up charities and donated a further £2,500 to each of the causes. This brings the total donated to Antibiotic Research UK to £10,000.

Founded by Catherine Paver in 1971, Pavers established the Pavers Foundation in 2018 to enable charity giving by the business and its 1700 staff. Through the Foundation, the amount pledged to good causes by Pavers has risen to £2.5m. Since launching, the Pavers Foundation has awarded over £700,000.