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2019 Small Research Grants Scheme Launched


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Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) the world’s first charity tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance have antibiotic research funding available. We invite researchers to apply for a grant under our 2019 Small Research Grants scheme. The maximum sum per grant is £20,000. Monies applied for can spread over one, two or three years. Grants should focus on:

  1. Antibiotic resistance
  2. New antibiotic therapies
  3. Health and societal impact of antibiotic resistance and how it could be avoided

The following areas are considered for this antibiotic research funding:

  • Top up grants for PhD students. Monies could be paid for by the commercial arm of our charity ANTRUK Enterprises Ltd. This SME enables PhD studentships to convert to CASE studentships
  • Small equipment purchases
  • Travel for PhD students or junior lecturers to attend an overseas conference. Applicants must also confirm their abstract(s) are accepted for oral or poster presentation
  • Visits to other laboratories to undertake collaborative research
  • Support of small scale research projects
  • Consumable purchases to support ongoing research
  • Pilot studies

All applications will be reviewed by ANTRUK’s Science Committee and / or Education Committees. If required, we will also call on external reviewers. ANTRUK has adopted the scoring system developed by the Medical Research Council for use by independent referees.

We may shortlist the top scoring applications for an external review. In this instance, the application will be sent to independent reviewers for peer review. ANTRUK’s Trustees will also help ratify decisions to award grants.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the Small Research Grants Application Form. Send the completed form, as well as any accompanying documents, to

Only applicants working in organisations based in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply. Please note the following;

  • We won’t acknowledge receipt of applications
  • If applicants have not received feedback from us by 6 September 2019 unfortunately on this occasion the application was unsuccessful
  • No discussion will be entered into if an application is unsuccessful
  • We don’t permit retrospective applications. The earliest start date for this round is 1 October 2019

CLOSING DATE: Friday 12 July 2019