ANTRUK welcomes Dr David Wareham Queen Mary University London to Science Committee

Colin Garner Uncategorised

david-wareham-picture-071116Our Science Committee performs a very important role for our charity by overseeing our research programmes. ANTRUK depends on attracting the best scientists and clinicians to work with us to deliver on our goal of bringing one new antibiotic therapy to the clinic by the early 2020’s.

We are delighted therefore that Dr David Wareham, Queen Mary University, London has agreed to join our Science Committee. David qualified (MBBS) from the London Hospital Medical College in 1994 and trained in general medicine before specialist training in Medical Microbiology (FRCPath). He was awarded a Clinical Training Fellowship to study aspects of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenicity at Queen Mary University in 2002 and appointed as Senior Clinical Lecturer in Microbiology in July 2005 (PhD). He is an Honorary Consultant Microbiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust responsible for aspects of intensive care microbiology. He heads the Antimicrobial Research Group which is involved in characterizing the mechanisms underlying the development and persistence of antimicrobial resistance as well as the consequences this may have on the organism and its capacity to cause human disease. This combines genomics, molecular biology, in-vitro and in-vivo (invertebrates) studies, epidemiological and clinical data in an attempt to dissect the complex relationship between host, pathogen and resistance. Research is driven by problems encountered in daily clinical practice and in recent years has focused on multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria such as Acinetobacter baumannii, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and carbapenem resistant Enterobacteria. David’s areas of particular interest include the identification of novel resistance determinants, evaluation of novel antimicrobial treatments, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic analysis of new and repurposed combination therapies, virulence studies of emerging pathogens and interventions to prevent the spread of resistant organisms in the hospital environment.