Dame Sally Davies talking about pharmaceutical investment in antibiotic research

Billion dollar pharma investment – our view

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Dame Sally Davies talking about pharmaceutical investment in antibiotic researchThe UK’s special envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, Dame Sally Davies, has told the Financial Times that a fund to create 15-20 new antibiotics is “a good start by the pharma industry to make up for their past disinvestment in antibiotics.”

Antibiotic Research UK is the only charity solely dedicated to finding new treatments to fight antibiotic resistant infections. We wholeheartedly welcome the $1 billion pharmaceutical investment. But, we know much more needs to be done to combat the World’s biggest health problem.

Antibiotic Research UK is an emerging charity with limited funds. But, our small grants fund has helped boost innovation. As Sheffield Children’s Hospital have acknowledged, gaining that first tranche of funding is what is really required to stimulate innovation.

The pharmaceutical investment, albeit welcome, does not mean that the problem is solved.

We need more substantial investment in basic science. This should be at a similar scale to the new pharma fund (at least $1billion) to underpin the search for new antibiotics. There is little chance of finding new mechanism-based treatments without it.

Continuing to raise awareness of antibiotic resistant infections, supporting patients living with drug-resistant conditions and giving innovative minds the wherewithal to research new antibiotics is still pivotal.

How can you help?

There are lots of ways that individuals can help in the fight against antibiotic resistance. From simple things like only taking a full course of antibiotics when you really need them, to active fundraising, there are lots of ways to get involved.

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