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Calling All Cyclists: ANTRUK welcomes you to join the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire team

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Dental surgeon and ANTRUK volunteer, Sarah Glover is organising a team of cyclists for the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire on 30th April 2017. A team of 12 is already in place and there are 50 places to fill, so if you are interested in being part of the team, please do get in touch. The goal is to raise £150 per participant to help Antibiotic Research UK raise the £550,000 needed for the next round of its research into developing new antibiotics.

In this article, Sarah tells us what has motivated her to help Antibiotic Research UK and, having cycled many miles for the charity, she shares her tips and tricks for turning miles on the bike into vital funds to put a stop to preventable deaths.


You have done the Tour de Yorkshire – tell us about your experience

I have been cycling for 5 years and love a good challenge. I decided to get involved in the ride of a lifetime, the Tour de Yorkshire, to raise money for a charity very close to my heart.

I cycled the first Tour de Yorkshire Sportive a few years ago and can honestly say it is one of the best rides I have ever done. The atmosphere with the spectators along the route makes the event very special, especially when the going gets tough. Their cheers and encouragement got me up the toughest of climbs. Also, knowing that the professional cyclists are cycling the same route later in the day makes you feel more than just an everyday amateur cyclist.


But what about the training?

Anyone can do this.

Training for the Tour de Yorkshire was just a matter of getting out on the bike a few times a week and tackling some local hills in the training. I did the long route and had been cycling for a couple of seasons, so was already fit for the challenge before I did it. Any current cyclists who are fit and have completed similar events will be fine for the long route. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Anyone who exercises regularly (2-3 times per week of aerobic-style exercise) could manage the short route (50km) by training over the next 4-5 weeks. I have 2 members of staff who have been doing exercise classes at the gym over the winter and they are getting out on their bikes for the first time this weekend – they are doing the short route and are really enjoying the training and looking forward to the event.

Anyone who is interested in entering will not regret it. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing when you cross the finish line. It is lots of fun and the spectators in Yorkshire are fantastic. They distract you from the effort of cycling anyway. It doesn’t matter if you walk up the hills as you are still doing it all with a bike! Go for it!


What else can you tell people? 

Following the sportive, you can ‘make a day’ of it by watching the professional race. There are many of the world’s best professionals taking part in the most exclusive teams.

There are ‘feed’ stations along the route where, in the past, they have served traditional Yorkshire food such as Yorkshire puddings. At the end of the challenge, the finishers receive a medal far more special than your average medal memento – mine is a bicycle wheel medal which actually rotates.


What will the ANTRUK support crew be like?

This is more than a day for the cyclists. I am not cycling the sportive this year as I feel I need to be on the finish line to support the ANTRUK riders coming through. I am donating goody bags to all riders cycling for ANTRUK. So those who have loved ones that want to do more than just watch – who want to get involved in cheering and the excitement of being part of the team – please do get in touch. We’ll be on the sidelines with donation buckets, big cheers, and handing out the goody bags to our riders at the end. It really will be a great day out.


Why are you supporting Antibiotic Research UK?

I feel it is so important for people to support Antibiotic Research UK, as we all need antibiotics at some point in our lives. My dad is currently in hospital on IV antibiotics for up to 12 weeks due to an infection in his vertebrae and discs. Antimicrobial resistance is a real threat and one that needs more public awareness. That is why I feel supporting Antibiotic Research UK is so important.


If you would like to get involved with the team by either getting on your bike or joining the support crew, please get in touch with Sarah on

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