CATCH, short film about antibiotic apocalypse, released at start of World Antibiotic Awareness Week

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CATCH, a fictional short film about a father and daughter quarantined in their home in a post-antibiotic world, is due to be released free online at the start of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, Monday 13th November at 00:00 GMT.

The film explores the relationship between a father and daughter, imagining what a world would look like without the presence of antibiotics: where infections can easily kill and where individuals decide to quarantine their homes in order to prevent infection from spreading.

Antibiotic Research UK’s Chief Executive, Professor Colin Garner states: “CATCH is a fantastic film that tells a narrative that’s important to us all. The post-antibiotic scenario which the film portrays may seem spurious to the public, but it’s a situation which isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer, has warned us that we may be witnessing the “end of modern medicine” if research into antibiotics continues to stagnate.”

Professor Garner adds: “For the tens of thousands who presently die every year because of antibiotic-resistant infections, the post-antibiotic world is already very real – things are only going to get worse unless tangible and significant action is taken globally.”

The film features actors Henry Douthwaite and Lollie McKenzie. Henry trained at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art and has performed with the National Theatre and on the West End stage. On screen, he has appeared in programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 5. At just 12 years old, has played Matilda in the highly commended West End musical of the same name. CATCH has been her first film.

The film was directed and written by Dominic Rees-Roberts and Paul Cooke. Both studied scientific fields at university before they met at an MSc Science Media Production at Imperial College London’s. They have each worked on some of the most popular science programmes on television today, including Hawking, Channel 4’s Experimental, Discovery’s Outrageous Acts of Science and BBC Horizon.

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