Father John Wiseman taking donations for the NHS

John’s testament shows we all have lessons to learn from COVID-19 analysis

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The Prime Minister recently announced at the dispatch box that a full inquiry will be forthcoming into the management of the COVID-19 crisis. Bolton-based priest Father John Wiseman, is literally living proof of why COVID-19 analysis is pivotal. Early case confusion This most kind-hearted and charitable of clergymen endured a torrid time at the start of the pandemic when bewilderment …

person wrapped up warm against the snow to stay well this winter

COVID-19 could be just the “tip of the iceberg” this winter

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With experts stating that 120,000 people could perish from Coronavirus in the closing months of the year (1), we are warning Britain had better brace itself for another crisis – antibiotic resistant infections. And while hopes are high for a vaccine or an effective treatment for COVID-19, Antibiotic Research UK say the slow-burning problem of AMR shows no sign of …

Dame Sally Davies talking about pharmaceutical investment in antibiotic research

Billion dollar pharma investment – our view

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The UK’s special envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, Dame Sally Davies, has told the Financial Times that a fund to create 15-20 new antibiotics is “a good start by the pharma industry to make up for their past disinvestment in antibiotics.” Antibiotic Research UK is the only charity solely dedicated to finding new treatments to fight antibiotic resistant infections. We wholeheartedly …

Wet cough study earns more money to investigate antibiotic resistance

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Money from our small grants scheme has enabled Sheffield Children’s Hospital to develop the career of one of health care’s brightest young researchers and improve the treatment of children with chest complaints. A pilot programme examined the effect of antibiotic resistance in children attending hospital outpatient services. This has led to further research funding and could become a game-changer in …

dancing skeletons

Bubonic plague outbreak in Mongolia – should we be concerned?

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Recent reports have highlighted a bubonic plague outbreak in Mongolia. Mention the word “plague” and everyone automatically thinks of the Black Death. The 14th century outbreak killed millions of people across Europe. It has now been reported by the BBC that a single individual in Mongolia has been identified as being infected with the bubonic plague bacterium Yersinia pestis. Chinese …

Merck Sharp and Dohme interview with Antibiotic Research UK

Arlene Brailey our Patient Support service head is interviewed by international pharma company Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) on her role

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Antibiotic Research UK was delighted to be asked by international pharmaceutical giant, Merck, Sharp and Dohme, for an interview. MSD wanted us to describe our patient support activities as part of a MSD series on antibiotic stewardship. Arlene Brailey, head of our Patient Support service, was interviewed by Mark Johnson, MSD on her role in providing help and advice to …

woman running for ANTRUK during the charity fundraising crisis

Why this charity is far from spent, despite the funding crisis

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Lockdown has meant the cancellation of face-to-face fundraising events, contributing to a widespread charity funding crisis. Allied to donors having less money in their pockets and even grants boards being unable to meet. This has resulted in the most difficult time for charity fundraisers since the economic crash of 2008. But, Antibiotic Research UK’s fundraising team has a tenacious leader …

Should the boomers be the most dead-icated to beating resistance?

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Boomer fundraising work from a bunch of brilliant Grateful Dead fans has got us thinking. It’s prompted our communication specialist and erstwhile indie musician Peter Gibson, to ask if more support should stem from the flower power generation. They’re the biggest beneficiaries of antibiotics – so can they do more to help our research?   “Every generation likes to lay claim …

woman suffering with a urinary tract infection

Shame on the world for not combating bladder infections

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Speaking openly about having a urinary tract infection is embarrassing for many people. Yet they afflict around a fifth of the female population and are prone to coming back, again. They are also extremely painful. Jodie Christie from Antibiotic Research UK’s patient support service explains why quack cures should be ignored and new drugs to replace our ageing antibiotics are …

bacteria under a microscope

Newly announced UK Government antibiotic reimbursement scheme welcomed – but will it be enough?

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The UK Government has announced a new antibiotic reimbursement scheme. They say that it’s a “pioneering scheme to provide new antibiotics to NHS patients by offering to pay pharmaceutical companies upfront for their work will start this week.” Here is the reaction of our chief executive Professor Colin Garner, to the scheme: “Antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem around the …

Hydroxychloroquine – how the principles of clinical pharmacology seem to have been ignored

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This anti-malarial drug has been making headlines since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it is not an effective treatment. So why has it received so much attention, and what can we learn from it? As the true extent of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent and scientists scrambled to find a treatment, one familiar name seemed to stand out …

Grateful Dead poster

UK Grateful Dead rock fan leads other Deadheads around the world to raise funds for Antibiotic Research UK

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Chris J, a lifelong Grateful Dead rock fan writes: ‘I run an internet-group for, as we refer to ourselves, Deadheads. Last November we had to virtually relocate our group to a new service provider – and it required a payment of $220 to do so. I solicited funds from group members and we raised the necessary funds. Once we’d reached …

pie chart detailing the breakdown of UK use of antibiotics in humans and animals

Will antibiotic standards in farming be negatively impacted by the Agriculture Bill?

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At the time of writing, a bill is making its way through Parliament called the Agriculture Bill. If passed, it could alter Britain’s current food and agriculture standards detrimentally. The well-known chef Jamie Oliver has written an open letter to the Prime Minister expressing his grave concerns. He believes that the new Bill will negatively impact the nation’s health as …

person using a home test kit for COVID-19

Home Test Kits For Covid-19 – should I buy them, do they work?

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You will have heard a lot over the past few weeks about home test kits for COVID-19, the numbers of test carried out each day by the government, and test centres across the UK. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to carry out a test at home? You’d get a quick result to know if 1) if you …

Dentist Sarah Glover talking about dental antibiotics

Dentist Sarah Glover an Education Committee member writes about current dentistry antibiotic use during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Sarah, a member of the charity’s Education Committee and a highly experienced dental practitioner and teacher writes; “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dental practices in the UK were instructed to stop all routine dental care during lock down. Dentists were instructed that dental emergencies should be managed with advice, analgesia and antibiotics (AAA) and there should be no face to …

three members of hospital staff

A change for the better at the surgery?

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A new survey by our friends at MGP (1) shows that GP practices and COVID-19 have changed the way we approach care. Practices are doing far more telephone triage, online appointments and telephone consultations. But their report states that many medics are uneasy with the lack of face-to-face appointments. Plus, what does this mean for antibiotic prescribing – especially at …

Roche's blood antibody tests

Blood antibody tests to tell if you have had a COVID-19 infection

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It has been announced today by the UK government that Public Health England has evaluated Roche’s blood antibody tests for detecting if a person has been infected with COVID-19. They have approved the use of the test for general population screening. Roche are the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company and are acknowledged as world leaders in diagnostic testing. The test is …

Helen who had been misdiagnosed a penicillin allergy

My misery after doctors misdiagnosed a penicillin allergy

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Professional charity fundraiser Helen Osment endured the trauma of hospitalisation and a nasty brush with sepsis. The 34-year-old was misdiagnosed with a penicillin allergy as a child. She was subjected to a myriad of heavy-duty antibiotics which had crippling side effects. Antibiotic use led to bacteria in her body becoming resistant to the drugs. “I was six years old when …

Jodie Christie part of ANTRUK's patient support service

Frontline COVID-19 nurse has concerns about drug-resistance

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Meet the latest addition to our Patient Support service, Jodie Christie, one of the heroic health carers who has been looking after seriously ill patients with the coronavirus. It has been a sometimes-traumatic experience, but the dedicated nurse who travels 74 miles to and from work at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, considers herself fortunate to be employed at such a well-prepared …

portrait of Florence Nightingale

Remembering Florence, the Matriarch of Modern Nursing

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Our charity’s media consultant Peter Gibson is remembering Florence Nightingale. He asks whether the most famous daughter of Derby’s contribution to healthcare on the home front has been forgotten and also wonders – what the matriarch of modern nursing would have made of today’s attempts at infection control? “Today (Tuesday 12 May 2020) at the height of a major modern …