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Fundraising Admin Assistant Vacancy

Alison Staples ANTRUK announcements, Get involved

Antibiotic Research UK are excited to bring a new fundraising administrator assistant into our team. Please take the time to read through the job specification and get in touch if you think you’re the best person for the role. Job Title: Fundraising Admin Assistant Responsible to: Head of Fundraising Location: Home based (freelance position) Hours Per Week: 6 days per …

call to mask up to help promote good health in BAME communities

Inequalities make BAME communities prone to pandemics

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

In a double blow for members of the BAME community, Antibiotic Research UK is warning of a serious health inequality. Not only are they more likely to die from coronavirus than white people – but have an increased chance of succumbing to deadly superbugs, such as MRSA, too. Examining data from the UK, USA and Europe, the good cause revealed …

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Ringing endorsement for our engaging team

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Our world-first Patient Support programme has been rewarded with a place on the shortlist in the prestigious Antibiotic Guardian 2020 Shared Learning & Awards. Users can access the Patient Support service by phone or email. The programme is helping, informing, and supporting people to cope with serious drug-resistant bacterial infections. Our sterling service has secured a berth in the Public …

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Trustee Board Chair position needs filling

Colin Garner ANTRUK announcements, Get involved

If you are interested in helping a small but growing charity fighting to save modern medicine, then we would like to hear from you. We are looking for a Trustee Board Chair to take over from our current interim Chair, Nick Stalbow. We are the world’s first charity dedicated to tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance. Unless we act now, resistance could …

Kate is the latest individual to give drug-resistance the boot

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Mum Kate Fordham believes that the human race is in a “precarious position” and that we all have a role to play in preventing antibiotic resistant infections. That’s why she has joined our charity and will be concentrating her efforts on getting individuals to give. With donations, we can develop new medications, raise awareness, save modern medicine and lives. With …

Laura, ANTRUK fundraiser, who has allergies to antibiotics

In Laura we trust

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Certain allergies to antibiotics have given Laura Elson an insight into the dangers of drug-resistance. That’s why she is so keen to be supporting us as our new Trust and Major Gifts Fundraiser. She’ll work to raise funds as our charity bids to find new medications to save lives. Here are Laura’s thoughts “I joined Antibiotic Research UK in May …

Antibiotic-resistant infections in BAME communities

Colin Garner ANTRUK announcements, Learn more

Despite limited research into this area, there is evidence to suggest that people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities are more likely to get antibiotic-resistant infections. It also indicates that they have worse health outcomes when they do. There are many diverse reasons as to why this might be the case; we explore some of the research so …

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Important lessons from COVID-19 battle for war on Antimicrobial Resistance, says think tank

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Uncategorised

If unchecked, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) will “have the same impact on people’s lives and the economy that COVID-19 is having,” according to former Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies. Sally offered her expertise for a new report by the independent think tank, Reform. Whilst the true impact of COVID-19 is not yet fully understood, the pandemic is likely speeding up the …

Fleming's granddaughter talking about illnesses worse than COVID-19

Fleming’s granddaughter endorses Scottish funds to cope with a crisis worse than Coronavirus

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

Antibiotic Resistance is a health catastrophe predicted to kill 10 million people by 2050 (1). It has been described by scientists (2) and politicians (3) as worse than COVID-19. But at least those suffering from antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA and bacterial pneumonia now have support. Our National Lottery funded Patient Support Service offers them free advice and encouragement. …

Kevin Hollinrake talking about how to get better prepared for pandemics

Roundtable hears – be better prepared for pandemics

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

A Parliamentary discussion heard how we need to be better prepared for pandemics in the future. It is yet unknown whether it be viral, bacterial, or fungal, but we know it will occur. Our Chief Executive Professor Colin Garner joined Dr Ron Daniels BEM (Executive Director, The UK Sepsis Trust) at the virtual event. They told decision-makers that collaboration between …

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Come on chaps, open up on drug-resistant infections

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

Men are notoriously reticent to talk about their health, and that mistaken machismo certainly applies to speaking-up about antibiotic resistant infections. We’re committed to talking about men’s health and getting you guys to open up! A new Facebook group offers everyone the chance to talk freely and confidentially about conditions such as drug-resistant bladder infections and MRSA. Peter Gibson explains …

BLOG – Students learn from Hector and Chelsea and support us as we tackle drug-resistance

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

A fundraising event at the University of Manchester marked the beginning of a partnership between Antibiotic Research UK and students. We hope we can galvanise an entire generation into actively do something about drug resistance. They’re already making great progress with climate change. The word I believe is “serendipity”. The glorious discovery of something positive via chance or accident. I …

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Sepsis comes into focus at virtual Parliamentary event

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

This September, a timely and topical discussion about potential future pandemics is planned for Government officials. A big killer than cancer, sepsis is one of the topics under discussion at a Parliamentary Roundtable event organised by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The virtual event is scheduled for Monday September 14th. Keeping the debate highly topical, the threat of future pandemics will …

Hector about to start student fundraising for Antibiotic Research UK

Hector hailed as inspiration to student population

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

We are saluting a Wimbledon teenage runner as a role model for student fundraising, and likening him to world-wide environmental campaigner, Greta Thunberg. Hector Revill (17) has been pounding the streets in a daily challenge to complete THIRTY-ONE half-marathons on the bounce and raise cash for us to save modern medicine – and lives. But while his contribution so far …

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1,000-year-old eye salve recipe shows antibiotic activity

Colin Garner ANTRUK announcements, Learn more

Antibiotic Research UK is a charity focussed on finding new treatments for antibiotic-resistant infections. We are always on the lookout for research that might help save modern medicine. We were intrigued to learn of research published in July 2020 by a team of University of Warwick scientists. The project was led by Dr Jessica Furner-Pardoe, whose research focusses on finding …

Father John Wiseman taking donations for the NHS

John’s testament shows we all have lessons to learn from COVID-19 analysis

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

The Prime Minister recently announced at the dispatch box that a full inquiry will be forthcoming into the management of the COVID-19 crisis. Bolton-based priest Father John Wiseman, is literally living proof of why COVID-19 analysis is pivotal. Early case confusion This most kind-hearted and charitable of clergymen endured a torrid time at the start of the pandemic when bewilderment …

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COVID-19 could be just the “tip of the iceberg” this winter

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

With experts stating that 120,000 people could perish from Coronavirus in the closing months of the year (1), we are warning Britain had better brace itself for another crisis – antibiotic resistant infections. And while hopes are high for a vaccine or an effective treatment for COVID-19, Antibiotic Research UK say the slow-burning problem of AMR shows no sign of …

Dame Sally Davies talking about pharmaceutical investment in antibiotic research

Billion dollar pharma investment – our view

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

The UK’s special envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, Dame Sally Davies, has told the Financial Times that a fund to create 15-20 new antibiotics is “a good start by the pharma industry to make up for their past disinvestment in antibiotics.” Antibiotic Research UK is the only charity solely dedicated to finding new treatments to fight antibiotic resistant infections. We wholeheartedly …

Wet cough study earns more money to investigate antibiotic resistance

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Money from our small grants scheme has enabled Sheffield Children’s Hospital to develop the career of one of health care’s brightest young researchers and improve the treatment of children with chest complaints. A pilot programme examined the effect of antibiotic resistance in children attending hospital outpatient services. This has led to further research funding and could become a game-changer in …

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Bubonic plague outbreak in Mongolia – should we be concerned?

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Recent reports have highlighted a bubonic plague outbreak in Mongolia. Mention the word “plague” and everyone automatically thinks of the Black Death. The 14th century outbreak killed millions of people across Europe. It has now been reported by the BBC that a single individual in Mongolia has been identified as being infected with the bubonic plague bacterium Yersinia pestis. Chinese …