Ronda Windsor who is worried she may succumb to coronavirus

A plaguing thought: will I succumb to Coronavirus?

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Sepsis survivor Ronda Windsor is worried she might succumb to coronavirus. She reveals how a shattering, ongoing infection that has left her immune system floundering, could make her susceptible to a deadly dose of COVID-19. “In late 2018, I acquired a drug-resistant urinary tract infection caused by Citrobacter Koseri during a surgical procedure. This sadly developed into sepsis, and I …

Professor Colin Garner

Infectious disease expert urges Government to make secondary bacterial infections the primary concern in review of death data

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Professor Colin Garner calls on Government to review of death toll data in relation to the current COVID-19 outbreak. He  has drawn on initial research from Wuhan, China, as well as retrospective reviews of past Swine Flu and Influenza outbreaks.  Professor Garner asks that the Government investigates and publishes full causes of death instead of merely stating mortalities are “due …

a coronavirus cell

COVID-19 and secondary bacterial infections: find out what the technical terms and acronyms in the news really mean

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There are a lot of different technical terms being thrown around in the news at the moment. Just as you think you finally understand something, a new word pops up that seems to complicate things further. Take a look at our coronavirus jargon buster to help you get to grips with pandemic terminology. The virus ARDS: (acute respiratory distress syndrome); …

COVID-19 and secondary bacterial infections

COVID-19 followed by secondary bacterial infections; an often fatal one-two punch

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It is becoming increasingly clear that people who are weakened by COVID-19 are susceptible to contracting secondary bacterial infections. These can be acquired in hospital and are often resistant to treatment with antibiotics. Here, we explore the facts and figures published so far. A study of 191 hospital patients in Wuhan recorded secondary infections in 50% of those who sadly …

Why COVID-19 has me in a panic

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Our friend and supporter Lisa Jones, who is already living with an underlying chronic lung condition, has more reason than most to be panicking about COVID-19. “These are scary time for everyone. The coronavirus and lockdown have caused us all to have some type of anxiety with not knowing fully what’s going on and how long the crisis will last. …

COVID-19: will bacterial secondary infections become a major cause of death?

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A preliminary report of 191 COVID-19 patients hospitalised in Wuhan showed that 28 of those patients (15%) had bacterial secondary infections. 27 of those 28 patients sadly died. This occurred despite the routine administration of antibiotic to all patients in the study. We do not know if the deaths in this group was due to drug-resistant infection, but it is …

fake news button to help stop the spread of misinformation

The infectious spread of misinformation

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Coronavirus isn’t the only dangerous epidemic going on in the world right now: the spread of misinformation is also incredibly troubling. Misinformation is being generated and shared at a rate never seen before – here’s how to keep safe. Across the world, people are increasingly turning to the internet for information, entertainment and even hope. Antibiotic Research UK is well …

image of human lungs

Do you think I am immunocompromised because I have a resistant infection? Do I need to take even more precautions with coronavirus around?

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These questions have been asked of Arlene Brailey, Antibiotic Research UK’s Patient Support Officer, by quite a few patients now. They already battle resistant infections on a daily basis. The coronavirus has introduced a new element of fear for them about their safety within our communities. One patient, Lisa, confided that: “People at risk are living in fear, living in …

Lisa Jones in her car talking about an antibiotic crisis

“We don’t want to find ourselves in lockdown again – but this time, because we don’t have any new antibiotics”

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These are the words of Lisa, who has resistant bacteria continually collecting around surgical devices in her body which cause dreadful infection and make her feel really unwell. She has also experienced severe pneumonia on several occasions. She told our Patient Support Officer, Arlene, that “We need to use coronavirus to our advantage, and we need to learn lessons from …

Peter Gibson talking about irresponsible coronavirus coverage

Why I am furious about this coverage by Peter Gibson

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To paraphrase a certain Mr Brian Clough – “I am a Derbyshire man.” Which means from the novels of DH Lawrence to the peaks, the well dressings and even the water in Buxton, I love the East Midlands region, its traditions and its legacies. That proud past includes the story of Eyam, the small village that secluded itself from the …

WHO poster explaining the cause of COVID-19 deaths

COVID-19: will secondary infections become the primary cause of death?

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Secondary bacterial infections are often the primary cause of COVID-19 deaths. Research shows that opportunistic bacterial infections caused nearly half of the deaths of people with COVID-19 and a bacterial infection in Wuhan. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in developing new antibiotics. We have seen this before: in the 2009  H1N1 influenza pandemic (swine flu); up to …

Antibiotic Research UK's patient support officer Arlene Brailey

“Can I help you?” Our Patient Support Officer is ready to help!

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Our Patient Support Officer, Arlene Brailey, the country’s first Support Officer, supporting people with antibiotic resistant bacterial infections writes; As Patient Support Officer, I have heard from so many patients who worry about where to get reliable information. They want to know what websites and sources of information to trust. I am here to help them – and you – …

Nina Morgan - longtime sufferer of resistant bacterial infections

Her text to the Patient Support Officer said “Coronavirus is very scary….who knows what’s next?”

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As the Patient Support Officer for Antibiotic Research UK, I hear from lots of people. I am used to receiving calls, emails and texts from patients and individuals who are affected in some way by recurring or antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. They usually have requests for information about a particular bacterial infection they (or a loved one) has. Sometimes they …

NHS staff at Wythenshawe hospital

A view from the front-line

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Many of our charity team lead a double-life, and my multi-faceted one (which also includes being an actor) is as a campaigner for the NHS and other health charities. That means I spend time a few hours each month on the stroke ward at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, reading and chatting to patients for that lovely good cause, Interact. Sometimes, …

people commuting during coronavirus on the tube


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Stronger restrictions by the UK Government are being ignored. This risks the lives of thousands across the country – and particularly in London. The fourth of a series of opinion pieces by Professor Colin Garner DSc on commuting during coronavirus in the UK. On the 23 March 2020 the UK Government announced that the police now have powers to enforce …

Image calling for a stop to coronavirus


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I will be writing a regular blog about the pandemic which will give my personal views. These are not the official view of our charity. Antibiotic Research UK is focussed on drug-resistant bacterial infections. Sadly, these can be a consequence of viral infections such as coronavirus (COVID-19). I have given some of the background in a previous blog post. Government …

Baby with chicken pox


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Notice the difference? Can you spot who in the COVID-19 group is infected and who is not? You can’t – and that’s the problem. Coronavirus testing You can only find out who has and who has had a COVID-19 infection by testing their blood either for the virus or for antibodies against the virus. The UK is, according to government …

representation of coronavirus and bacterial infections

Antibiotic Research UK, coronavirus (COVID-19), bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance

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We are just at the beginning of what might become one of the world’s biggest viral pandemic ever seen. Every day that goes by we are hearing more and more about the impact of this flu pandemic. Why is it happening? Will it go away? How many people will die? Will I get infected? How can I protect myself and …

Half-Marathon “won’t go ahead”

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The organisers of the London Landmarks Half-Marathon have decided to postpone their popular event, scheduled for Sunday March 29. As their website suggests, this was a particularly difficult decision and will have implications for all the charities who would have gained income from sponsorship And they include Antibiotic Research UK. The race around some of the capital’s most prestigious …

National Railway Museum Event postponed

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It is with great sadness that the Antibiotic Research UK Voluntary Group York have taken the decision to postpone the National Railway Museum Dinner on Friday April 24, due to the coronavirus outbreak Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK said: “It is so disappointing to have to postpone this event especially given all the hard work put …