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National Lottery grant for our work in England

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Antibiotic Research UK is delighted to have received a second grant from National Lottery Awards for All. This follows a previous award for our Patient Support work in Scotland and will allow us to develop our service further in England, too. Our award-winning patient support service provides emotional and informational support to people who have a drug-resistant infection. Arlene, Patient Support …

Life Sciences Vision - our view

Comment on the Life Sciences Vision policy

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On 6 July 2021, the UK government published its Life Sciences Vision policy. It described this policy as a “plan to create a thriving sector, and tackle the major causes of death and disease”. It sets out how, over the next ten years, the UK will tackle some of the major diseases that affect our society. This includes dementia, cancer, …

Vaccine being prepared by a person in a white lab coat and blue gloves

Vaccines and clots; how to balance medical risks

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We have explored the general medical theme behind many of the COVID-19 headlines over the past year. The latest hot topic is the apparent risk of blood clots as a side effect of some COVID vaccines. So what are the risks, and what can this teach us about medicine? All medicines carry the risk of side effects or severe adverse …

word cloud for the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance

Antiviral taskforce launched by UK Government – but what about the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance?

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Yesterday (20 April 2021) the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the launch of a new antiviral taskforce. It is charged with getting new two new treatments into people with a COVID-19 infection. The aim is to have at least 2 effective treatments this year, either in a tablet or capsule form. The public can take these treatments at home …

preventing future pandemics with hand santising

COVID-19: a glimpse into our future?

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The year is 2051. More than 10 million people have died from antibiotic-resistant infections this year. People are asking why we didn’t do more to protect our precious antibiotics. Why are people dying from what were previously ‘minor’ infections? How did such a devastating pandemic come out of nowhere like this? The truth is that the above situation could happen …

c diff infections being viewed under a microscope

C. diff: infections under the microscope

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Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is a type of bacteria that can live in our digestive system without causing any problems. In fact, it is present in around 1 in 30 of us. But it can also cause a nasty infection and is the most common cause of hospital diarrhoea. It particularly affects people who have recently received antibiotics. These …

A clinician holding a hypodermic needle in their outstretched hands, as if about to administer it.

It is safe to have the COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics

Emma Pickup Coronavirus COVID-19

Antibiotic Research UK’s vital work providing support to people who have antibiotic-resistant infections has made it clear that better patient advice about vaccinations is urgently needed.  Our Patient Support Service is reassuring 10+ people per day (by telephone or email) that it is safe to have a COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics. Alarmingly, we have heard from a small number …

A medical professional holds a vaccine syringe

Antibiotics and the COVID-19 vaccine

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More people are receiving one of the newly developed COVID-19 vaccines every day. However, Antibiotic Research UK’s Patient Support Service is seeing an increasing number of queries from people who are concerned about having the vaccine while they are also taking antibiotics. Is it safe to have the COVID-19 vaccine if you are taking antibiotics? Will both treatments work? Yes, …

Word Welcome in different languages

The language barrier no one is talking about: medical jargon

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The average reading age of adults in the UK is estimated at between 9 and 11 years and nearly 8% of people in the UK do not speak English as their first language. Could we save lives by toning down the medical jargon and explaining things in language everyone understands? Coronavirus, shielding, immunity, vaccination – the medical terms we use …

Professor Colin Garner

Beat the boredom, contact your MP and save lives

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Are you wondering how to fill in time during lockdown? Why not help all of us by finding five free minutes during furlough to help prevent the next pandemic from taking your family and friends’ lives. We are simply asking for you to contact your local MP about antibiotic resistance which threatens modern medicine. We need to fill MP’s postbags and …

call to mask up to help promote good health in BAME communities

Inequalities make BAME communities prone to pandemics

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

In a double blow for members of the BAME community, Antibiotic Research UK is warning of a serious health inequality. Not only are they more likely to die from coronavirus than white people – but have an increased chance of succumbing to deadly superbugs, such as MRSA, too. Examining data from the UK, USA and Europe, the good cause revealed …

Fleming's granddaughter talking about illnesses worse than COVID-19

Fleming’s granddaughter endorses Scottish funds to cope with a crisis worse than Coronavirus

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Antibiotic Resistance is a health catastrophe predicted to kill 10 million people by 2050 (1). It has been described by scientists (2) and politicians (3) as worse than COVID-19. But at least those suffering from antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA and bacterial pneumonia now have support. Our National Lottery funded Patient Support Service offers them free advice and encouragement. …

Kevin Hollinrake talking about how to get better prepared for pandemics

Roundtable hears – be better prepared for pandemics

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

A Parliamentary discussion heard how we need to be better prepared for pandemics in the future. It is yet unknown whether it be viral, bacterial, or fungal, but we know it will occur. Our Chief Executive Professor Colin Garner joined Dr Ron Daniels BEM (Executive Director, The UK Sepsis Trust) at the virtual event. They told decision-makers that collaboration between …

two friends talking about men's health

Come on chaps, open up on drug-resistant infections

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

Men are notoriously reticent to talk about their health, and that mistaken machismo certainly applies to speaking-up about antibiotic resistant infections. We’re committed to talking about men’s health and getting you guys to open up! A new Facebook group offers everyone the chance to talk freely and confidentially about conditions such as drug-resistant bladder infections and MRSA. Peter Gibson explains …

Father John Wiseman taking donations for the NHS

John’s testament shows we all have lessons to learn from COVID-19 analysis

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

The Prime Minister recently announced at the dispatch box that a full inquiry will be forthcoming into the management of the COVID-19 crisis. Bolton-based priest Father John Wiseman, is literally living proof of why COVID-19 analysis is pivotal. Early case confusion This most kind-hearted and charitable of clergymen endured a torrid time at the start of the pandemic when bewilderment …

person wrapped up warm against the snow to stay well this winter

COVID-19 could be just the “tip of the iceberg” this winter

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements, Coronavirus COVID-19

With experts stating that 120,000 people could perish from Coronavirus in the closing months of the year (1), we are warning Britain had better brace itself for another crisis – antibiotic resistant infections. And while hopes are high for a vaccine or an effective treatment for COVID-19, Antibiotic Research UK say the slow-burning problem of AMR shows no sign of …

woman running for ANTRUK during the charity fundraising crisis

Why this charity is far from spent, despite the funding crisis

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Lockdown has meant the cancellation of face-to-face fundraising events, contributing to a widespread charity funding crisis. Allied to donors having less money in their pockets and even grants boards being unable to meet. This has resulted in the most difficult time for charity fundraisers since the economic crash of 2008. But, Antibiotic Research UK’s fundraising team has a tenacious leader …

Dexamethasone for COVID-19 patients

Dexamethasone: evidence-based treatment for hospitalised COVID-19 patients

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Often, new diseases are treated using existing medicines for other conditions. This allows us to move more quickly than if we were to develop and test a new treatment, but with so many possible candidates the process must be based in science. Dexamethasone use for COVID-19 patients shows this process at its best. In a previous article we explored the …

Multiethnic group of people standing together on white background, diversity and multiculturalism concept

Health outcomes for people from BAME communities

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Current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the killing of George Floyd in America, have shone a much-needed spotlight on some of the issues that disproportionately affect health outcomes for people from BAME communities. Research has consistently shown that people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds experience worse health outcomes than Caucasian people do – in a wide …

Hydroxychloroquine – how the principles of clinical pharmacology seem to have been ignored

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This anti-malarial drug has been making headlines since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it is not an effective treatment. So why has it received so much attention, and what can we learn from it? As the true extent of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent and scientists scrambled to find a treatment, one familiar name seemed to stand out …