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National Lottery grant for our work in England

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Antibiotic Research UK is delighted to have received a second grant from National Lottery Awards for All. This follows a previous award for our Patient Support work in Scotland and will allow us to develop our service further in England, too. Our award-winning patient support service provides emotional and informational support to people who have a drug-resistant infection. Arlene, Patient Support …

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Charity launches patient video by Mary at Parliament event organised by Pfizer UK

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We were very pleased to both participate and present at a Parliament meeting organised by Pfizer UK. Attendees were drawn from the Houses of Commons and Lords as well as senior members of the Civil Service. The event was hosted by Lord Bethell, UK Minister for Innovation. It was to brief participants about the challenge that drug-resistant infections pose globally, …

c diff infections being viewed under a microscope

C. diff: infections under the microscope

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Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is a type of bacteria that can live in our digestive system without causing any problems. In fact, it is present in around 1 in 30 of us. But it can also cause a nasty infection and is the most common cause of hospital diarrhoea. It particularly affects people who have recently received antibiotics. These …

Lisa Jones in her car talking about an antibiotic crisis

“We don’t want to find ourselves in lockdown again – but this time, because we don’t have any new antibiotics”

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These are the words of Lisa, who has resistant bacteria continually collecting around surgical devices in her body which cause dreadful infection and make her feel really unwell. She has also experienced severe pneumonia on several occasions. She told our Patient Support Officer, Arlene, that “We need to use coronavirus to our advantage, and we need to learn lessons from …

New Patient Support Officer Arlene Brailey Joins Us in the Fight Against Superbugs

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Antibiotic resistance, that is where bacterial infections have become resistant to antibiotic treatment, threatens modern medicine. Nearly all medical treatments rely on effective antibiotics to guard against life-threatening infections. Treatments for cancer, heart disease, organ transplantation, C-sections and cystitis all need antibiotics to work. Our charity is tackling resistance through research into new treatments, educating the public and professionals about …

A young patient with an antibiotic resistant infection tells her story

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Emily Collins, a young patient with an ESBL E coli infection contacted us for help. Here is her story in her own words. ‘My name is Emily Collins, born on 26th February 1996. A Piscean by default & therein lies the beginning of my journey…Quite literally! I was born nearly 11 weeks early, so really I should have been a …

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017: Donate to Antibiotic Research UK and have your donation DOUBLED

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As part of The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017, donations to Antibiotic Research UK between midday (GMT) on 28th November and midday on 5th December 2017 will be doubled. Click here to be taken directly to the donation page. For one week during The Big Give Christmas Challenge, every pound you give during the appeal will be matched by money …

A Kent ‘miracle woman’ has revealed what it is like living with a superbug

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‘Miracle Woman’ Jennifer Baker has survived nearly 50 surgeries after contracting the deadly superbug ESBL. The diagnosis has totally changed the mother-of-four’s life and that of her family who have had to pull together to help her battle for a better life. It all began in February 2013 when Mrs Baker was taken to hospital with a fractured back following …

David Aaronovitch to give video talk at ANTRUK’s Annual Lecture

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Antibiotic Research UK are pleased to announce that David Aaronovitch is to give a video talk at Antibiotic Research UK’s Annual Lecture 2017 David Aaronovitch – the British journalist, broadcaster, and author who is well known for his columns in The Times – will talk about his own experiences of suffering from an antibiotic resistance infection. David understands first-hand the severe …

David Battie giving a talk for Antibiotic Research UK

Antiques Roadshow presenter David Battie: “Antibiotic resistance nearly cost me my leg” 

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David Battie has returned to the Antiques Roadshow where his familiar face can once again be seen offering advice to visitors and valuing their treasured items. His sudden absence from the show back in 2012 created quite a stir. What many viewers and fans did not realise was that his absence was caused by an unfortunate accident that resulted in …

Emily speaking about her chronic antibiotic resistant infection

Introducing Emily Morris, an Antibiotic Research UK ambassador

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At the last Antibiotic Research UK AGM, Emily Morris, an ambassador for our charity, spoke very openly about her experience of living with an antibiotic resistant infection. Emily is a young mother, a daughter, and a fiancée. Antibiotic resistance does not just affect her, but her family, friends, and all those around her. Like Emily, there are thousands of people currently …

David Battie from Antiques Roadshow fame nearly lost a leg to Antibiotic Resistance, tells his story to Antibiotic Research UK

David Battie, star of BBC’S Antiques Road Show says ‘No, I’m not dead – but I was nearly’

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David Battie writes: ‘You may have heard that I had quietly passed on to that auction house reject shelf in the sky. Actually, it was close. I was on my way to Norwich for a talk when my prostate demanded immediate attention. It was a country road and an oak tree solved the problem. I was on my way back …