Chief Executive Says 2015 Was a Fantastic Year for Antibiotic Research UK Thanks to All our Supporters

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 Professor Colin Garner PhD DSc FRCPath (Chief Executive)Here is an update for everyone who has worked with our Charity since its formation in mid-2014. I am sure you will have noticed we have had massive coverage in the media, social media, TV and radio in the past few months about what we do.

I want to tell you some of the things that have happened since our Spring 2015 Newsletter. The most important thing is that we have raised nearly £400,000 since the Charity’s formation which gives me, and everyone associated with our work, great encouragement that we are 1) getting our message across and 2) that we can and will make a difference. Why am I so passionate about what we are doing? I have a burning desire to do something tangible and concrete in the UK to address and resolve this growing problem. We are leading the world in recognising the problem of antibiotic resistance as a country but now is the time for action. ANTRUK is the world’s first charity to raise money to fund its own research programme on bacterial antibiotic resistant infections.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a bigger and bigger problem around the world and that includes here in the UK. There are many reasons for this such as a) the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in some areas of the world b) the transfer of resistance from farm animals to their handlers and then to the wider public and c) the fact no new antibiotic classes have been discovered in the past thirty years. There has been a lot of talking about how to tackle the problem but we are actually doing something about it. Whilst all the talking is going on we are going to start our first research project by the middle of this year (2016). The project is exciting and innovative. Our focus is on the so-called Gram-negative class of bacteria which are responsible for up to 50% of hospital acquired infections. These bacteria are the ones that are becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant and which cause urinary tract and blood infections, pneumonia and skin infections. They play a major role in sepsis and many other life-threatening conditions. I believe there needs to be less talking and more actions otherwise, as the Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies said recently “our children and grandchildren will not thank us for not tackling the problem of antibiotic resistance today”.

While I am delighted we have made such tangible progress so quickly I am asking you to help us raise our next £1 million. We will use the funds raised to progress the discoveries we make in our first research projects on towards clinical trials. Our goal is to get one new antibiotic therapy into the clinic by the early 2020’s and it is my personal goal to make this happen. We have assembled a fantastic group of scientists, clinicians and business people to sit on our various committees. All these are working for us voluntarily and I would like to thank them personally for supporting me in getting us to this stage in our development.

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I am particularly keen to see people from the Midlands, south of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland get more involved with us. A south of England activity is being formed currently and we will let you know more shortly. If you know anyone in these other areas that can help us please let me know. (

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