David Aaronovitch to give video talk at ANTRUK’s Annual Lecture

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Antibiotic Research UK are pleased to announce that David Aaronovitch is to give a video talk at Antibiotic Research UK’s Annual Lecture 2017

David Aaronovitch – the British journalist, broadcaster, and author who is well known for his columns in The Times – will talk about his own experiences of suffering from an antibiotic resistance infection.

David understands first-hand the severe medical complications caused by AMR, having undergone surgery to remove a potentially cancerous polyp from a small section of his colon.

During the operation, the surgeon accidentally nicked his intestine, and bacteria from the gut proceeded to leak into David’s abdominal cavity. The immune system reacted and surrounding tissue became inflamed. With severe abdominal swelling, tissue began crushing the bottom of David’s lungs.

David was at risk of organ failure. Surgeons needed to clean out the infected area and, importantly, kill the bacteria that were proliferating and creating the immune response.

In order to achieve the latter, David was given intravenous antibiotics, which were designed to kill off the bacteria that was leaking into his system. He spent a week in a coma and another conscious although in intensive care.

Fortunately, he survived the ordeal, but without the help of antibiotics, David would have almost certainly died.

To hear more about David’s story and why he believes it is important we tackle this AMR today, register to attend our Annual Lecture.

Our 2017 Annual Lecture will be held on Wednesday 11th October 2017 in the Attlee Room at Portcullis House, Westminster. The programme for the afternoon’s event can be found HERE where you can obtain free tickets. Places are going rapidly so please register now.