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Do you think I am immunocompromised because I have a resistant infection? Do I need to take even more precautions with coronavirus around?

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These questions have been asked of Arlene Brailey, Antibiotic Research UK’s Patient Support Officer, by quite a few patients now. They already battle resistant infections on a daily basis. The coronavirus has introduced a new element of fear for them about their safety within our communities.

One patient, Lisa, confided that:

“People at risk are living in fear, living in total isolation, some even within their own homes, to protect themselves. This has a massive impact on their levels of anxiety and depression especially if they suffer with mental health issues already. It’s also annoying and very upsetting when we see people on social media still going out and about. They’re carrying on with their daily life during lockdown saying, “I’m healthy so it won’t affect me”. But that’s having a massive impact on others, like me. These people will cause lockdown to last for longer as the virus is still being passed around. It’s about retraining the general public that this affects everyone.  So, we all need to be in this together to fight back and win against this virus.”

Many of the patients who become seriously ill with coronavirus develop a serious secondary bacterial infection. Indeed, a large number of these infections have proved resistant to antibiotics. People have now lost loved ones to the resulting harm from the resistant infection which often leads on to untreatable sepsis. For those who already have resistant infections, the threat of further medical complications is a pressing concern. These are people who have been diligently self-isolating during this Covid-19 pandemic long before being instructed to do so.

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If you are concerned about you or your loved ones having a bacterial resistant infection or need information or support, please contact our Patient Support Officer.

You can reach Arlene, our Patient Support Officer by emailing or by texting or calling the confidential patient support number 07367 784114.

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