Dr John Broughall, ANTRUK volunteer in the South gives talk to over 100 people at Cafe Scientifique, Winchester

Colin Garner Uncategorised

Dr John Broughall, our excellent and knowledgeable volunteer and speaker who is based in the South of England last night (5 September 2016) gave a talk to over 100 people at Cafe Scientifique, Winchester. The talk was at the Discovery Centre, Jewry Street and was entitled Antibiotic Research UK – “Are we Discovering new Antibiotics Quickly Enough?”

John Broughall, (pronounced as in a pub “brawl”), discussed the issue of why the antibiotic development pipeline has dried up: what are the problems and why the pharmaceutical industry is not investing in research and development to produce new compounds. Multi-drug antibiotic resistance is recognised as a global threat to health yet the solutions to this issue are not obvious, the current commercially driven pharmaceutical process does not appear fit for purpose. John said ‘Antibiotic Research UK, is proposing a new approach to overcome this impasse, and I will discuss their plans and the science behind their proposal.

John is a PhD microbiologist who has spent most of his career in the diagnostics industry including the development of rapid and automated methods for use in microbiology laboratories. Latterly he has worked in the medical departments of two major pharmaceutical companies focusing on both antibiotics and also new oncology compounds. He now runs his own consultancy business but is also a volunteer for Antibiotic Research UK.

If you would like John to give a talk to your group, lunch club, place of work, college or school and you are based in the South East please email us at info@antibioticresearch.org.uk