Yva Thakurdas

Colin Garner

Yva brings thirty-five years of industry experience to the team. She started her career as a management consultant before moving into the financial services sector. Her extensive experience, working in nearly 30 countries on 5 continents, spans blue-chip, global corporations, professional service partnerships, private businesses, government, entrepreneurial start-ups and charities. She brings formidable, commercial expertise to the Board of Trustees as well as addressing key areas of corporate governance, business regulations, risk management plus financial and investment management.

Yva says ‘I became a trustee of ANTRUK because I believe the time for action is now. Antibiotic resistance is not just a future threat, it is happening today and has been for the past 10 years+. It truly is the “silent tsunami” for which global solutions need to be urgently devised. ANTRUK will make a huge difference and I will be honoured to apply my skills and experience to its goals.’