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Antibiotic resistance (commonly known as superbugs) is a complex issue, and with no other charities dedicated to serving patients with this condition we are determined to offer as much support as we can to those affected. Find out more about how we are supporting people who have been either been diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant infection themselves, or who have cared for someone who has.

Support for individuals

Finding out that you, or someone you love, might have an antibiotic-resistant infection can feel very daunting. We are building a range of resources for people in your position, such as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and information about the symptoms, treatments and research into different types of antibiotic-resistant infection. Explore our ‘support for individuals’ resources and find out more about our Patient Support Officer.

If you would like more general information, you can also explore our About Antibiotic Resistance section of the website, including our pages about bacteria, common infections, superbugs and what you can do to help prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistance.

Antibiotic Research UK patient support leaflet

You can also download or print off a leaflet about the patient support we offer here.

Download the leaflet

Patient Support Officer

We are the only charity with a dedicated Patient Support Officer for people with antibiotic-resistant infections. If you want to be pointed in the direction of reliable resources or just have a friendly chat, be put in touch with other patients with a similar condition, or just find out more then contact Arlene:

Telephone: 07367 784114


Calls are charged at your usual mobile or landline rate. However, you can request a call back from Arlene by text, email or by leaving a message.