Jodie Christie part of ANTRUK's patient support service

Frontline COVID-19 nurse has concerns about drug-resistance

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Jodie Christie part of ANTRUK's patient support service

Meet the latest addition to our Patient Support service, Jodie Christie, one of the heroic health carers who has been looking after seriously ill patients with the coronavirus.

It has been a sometimes-traumatic experience, but the dedicated nurse who travels 74 miles to and from work at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, considers herself fortunate to be employed at such a well-prepared trust.

“I don’t suppose there will ever be another time like it, I sincerely hope not, because seeing patients pass away alone with just NHS staff to relay messages to them from phone or family on iPads, is heart-breaking.

The coronavirus has meant that the ward I usually work on has been turned into a COVID-19 hub. We were very well prepared at NHS Grampian with good PPE and plenty of psychological support and yes it has been a very difficult time but caring for patients is what I have done for nearly 20 years.

Sepsis link

I am aware that COVID-19 patients can develop serious secondary bacterial infections leading to sepsis. That means they are receiving antibiotics.

Patient Support position 

I am one of only four antimicrobial stewardship specialist nurses in the whole of Scotland.

My new role assisting Arlene Brailey has seen me set up a private Facebook group where patients with drug-resistant conditions can talk about their experiences freely and in confidence. I will take the reigns when Arlene is not available and help spread the word about this new and important programme.

Much to do

We have a long way to go in solving what the World Health Organisation says is the biggest health problem facing humankind. Here in Scotland for example, trainee nurses don’t get any specific specialist antibiotic stewardship training from the universities – outside of Dundee University. There is currently a project looking into this.

The coronavirus has taught us that we have to be prepared for more pandemics to come and unless we develop new treatments, people will die.

I am however encouraged that Antibiotic Research UK is around, and that so many people have donated so that we can establish this Patient Support programme.

Along with Arlene, I am here for them at this worrying time of coronavirus and beyond.”

If you are concerned about a drug-resistant infection, visit our Patient Support service page, email or telephone 07367 784114.