Global plea to spread the importance of preventing STIs

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cartoon of doctor talking to a couple about preventing STIs and antibiotic resistance

Drug-resistant sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are the focus of today’s campaigning during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (2020).

In the UK the incidence of STIs is increasing year on year as reported by Public Health England for 2019 (1).  Not only are STIs increasing but also there have been reports of resistance to antibiotics (2). Whilst the incidence of resistance is low, it can cause serious health complications. Untreated STIs can lead to infertility, something many are unaware of (3).

Spread the Love, not the Infection

Antibiotic Research UK used Valentine’s Day to partner-up with universities to raise awareness. We created an online campaign named: Spread the Love, not the Infection. We want to educate people about preventing STIs and the complications of antibiotic resistance.

Speaking at its launch, Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK said: “The outbreak of AIDS in the mid-1980s brought with it a real movement towards safe sex but attitudes have since become lax. Ignorance abounds, too. I wonder how many people know that bacteria can enter the body during intercourse and cause urinary tract infections and that the Pill offers no protection against infection at all?”

Get support

If you are worried about a drug-resistant sexually transmitted disease and want to speak to someone in confidence, email Our team are here to help.

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