Greg Beckett completes New York Marathon 2015 for ANTRUK

Greg Beckett completes New York City marathon and raises money for Antibiotic Research UK

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On 1 November 2015 Greg Beckett ran the TCS New York City marathon and raised money for us. Here is what Greg wrote about his experience;-

“Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for the support and donations for my New York Marathon run – it was an amazing event to attend and I’m delighted to have finished it in 4:18.09. 

The course itself covers all five boroughs of the city and you really get to see the distinct characters of each neighbourhood, with every street packed with very vocal and boisterous supporters cheering all runners on, and not just their friends. It really is a carnival atmosphere and they make it an entire weekend event with fireworks, expos and post race entertainment!

Race wise, I ran a conservative first half in 1 hour 53 minutes but unfortunately didn’t take on enough water or carbs during the race – a big mistake and I was left fighting cramp and dizziness from Mile 19 onwards. I really underestimated the challenges you can face on the day and this slowed my pace right down when I was initially on for a quick sub 4 time. Simply running through Manhattan was a mental challenge itself – by Mile 16 you’re already tired, and have to take on a 3 mile slog up 1st Avenue which seems never ending with the dead straight roads of New York stretching far into the horizon!

That said, it’s the challenge that makes it exciting, and the decibel level when you reach Central Park for the last few miles is amazing. It really was an unforgettable experience

I was particularly delighted to run my first marathon helping Antibiotic Research UK. Although awareness of resistance is growing, the majority of the public are just becoming awaren up to the magnitude of the challenge that will lie ahead, and this exciting new charity is an unique chance to pre-empt and tackle a Global crisis before it comes to full fruition. This could be the success story of our generation, which is precisely what motivated me to choose this charity in particular to support.

I look forward to seeing Antibiotic Research UK go from strength to strength and eagerly await future races where I will hopefully be surrounded by green and white jerseys!

Thanks once again for your support,


We need lots more marathon runners to run for Antibiotic Research UK. Please contact us if you would like to run to raise money to ‘Save Modern Medicine’.