hospital teaching the importance of good hand hygiene

Has hand hygiene had an impact?

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Water, sanitation, and hygiene is the theme of the second day of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020.

And we are asking: “Has the importance of good hand hygiene been forgotten and overtaken by the dominance of the need to wear masks?”

Good hand hygiene not only stops the spread of COVID-19 it also halts viral infections such as colds and flu and bacterial infections (treated with antibiotics) including MRSA.

Antibiotic Research UK has produced a handy guide to the importance of hygiene, which you can access here.

This list features simple things that you can do to prevent antibiotic resistance, including not asking your GP or healthcare professional to prescribe you with antibiotics.

We cannot provide advice or assistance without your money. Our work depends on your fundraising activities. Your help allows our charity find the new treatments required to replace our ageing antibiotics. Together, we can save lives, educate the public about the problem and finance our unique Patient Support service.

That could begin straightaway with you organising a bubble or virtual Great British Tea Party. This campaign encourages folks to come together over a cuppa and a slice of cake. They can discuss antibiotic resistance and raise money to prevent us from returning to a pre-antibiotic age where you could die from something as simple as a scratch.

Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK, said:

“The Coronavirus has thrust the importance of forgotten basic hygiene practices for human health into the limelight. It should never have had to come to this. But at least it is making us all aware that handwashing are so important in preventing the spread of infection. Good hygiene preserves life.”