Nina Morgan - longtime sufferer of resistant bacterial infections

Her text to the Patient Support Officer said “Coronavirus is very scary….who knows what’s next?”

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As the Patient Support Officer for Antibiotic Research UK, I hear from lots of people. I am used to receiving calls, emails and texts from patients and individuals who are affected in some way by recurring or antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. They usually have requests for information about a particular bacterial infection they (or a loved one) has. Sometimes they feel stuck and don’t know where else to turn for help when an infection has become resistant to antibiotics prescribed. These infections won’t go away despite treatment.

But this text came from Nina, a patient who has lived with a resistant bacterial infection for over 9 years now. She has lived through sepsis already. Nina has become used to keeping her ongoing resistant infection under control by taking antibiotics on a daily basis. She must also deal with the limitations that infection has put on her life. Nina’s resilience and bravery is amazing. Every few months, her doctor changes the antibiotic Nina takes. This is to decrease the risk of developing further resistance to those few antibiotics that still work for her.

Nina is very afraid of what COVID-19 may do to her, given her own fragile health situation. And so, Nina eagerly awaits that vaccine for COVID-19. However, this vaccine is still a distant dream. It will take an estimated 12-18 months for a reliable vaccine to be available.

But there is something that frightens Nina even more than COVID-19…..and that is the complete dearth of new antibiotic treatments being produced now. You see, Nina has learned by painful experience that when you need antibiotics to save your life, you need them to be there and ready right away. In a life or death situation there is no time left to wait for the development of new antibiotics.

“Coronavirus is very scary….who knows what’s next?” Developing new effective antibiotics should be the next thing!

Please join us in fighting antibiotic resistant infections. Help us urge our governments and health providers to make this their next priority after COVID-19. It may ultimately save Nina’s life – or perhaps even our own life some day!

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If you have concerns, would like some support or need information about resistant bacterial infections you can contact me by emailing or by texting or calling the confidential patient support number 07367 784114.

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