Jonny Burr rides Prudential 100 and raises over £1500 for ANTRUK

Colin Garner Uncategorised

When we were contacted by Jonny Burr to say that he would like to raise money for us by riding in the Prudential 100 we were excited. Now that he has completed the event and raised over £1500 for us we are even more excited! The Prudential 100 is probably the largest cycle race in the world. This year Jonny, with over 26,000 other riders, set off to ride the approximately 100 mile course not on a fast racing bike but on a collapsible Brompton. Jonny Burr Prudential Pic 2 100 2016Jonny writes of his experience ‘Unfortunately I had to improvise with the ANTRUK t-shirt and cut out the logo I’m afraid. Cotton and sweaty skin do not mix well over 100 miles as I am sure you will appreciate! In all I completed 105 miles (its difficult to get the perfect racing line amongst 26,000 cyclists!). Sadly the 6.5hrs I was aiming for never materialised due to two nasty incidents en route which held up the entire event for over an hour. This coupled with a gear system failure at mile 48, leaving me to fight the Surrey Hills on only my top gear and a slightly dodgy 5th gear, contributed to around 1.5hrs of delays, however it made me all the more determined! A great day and a big thank you my fellow riders, volunteers en route, and especially those that donated to a very interesting and important charity. It was a pleasure to ride for Antibiotic Research UK and I received a number of comments from the 500 or so people I wrote to who had never heard of the charity saying how interesting and important they thought it was. I hope to take part in further rides this year or next!
Why not be like Jonny and run, cycle, swim or carry out any other sporting activity to raise money for us. We are seeking to fund the next phase of our research programme and need £50,000 for this. If you want to help us please get in touch – we need your support to help us achieve this goal.