How ANTRUK is tackling the superbug crisis that threatens hospitals and people due to antibiotic resistant bacter

Letter from Antibiotic Research UK published in The Times, 23 April 2015

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Following on from various articles published in The Times about antibiotic resistance, Colin Garner, Antibiotic Research UK’s Chief Executive, felt moved to write a Letter to the Editor of The Times. After a number of iterations in which the 350 word letter had to be pared down to 200 words, the letter was published on Thursday 23 April 2015. Attached …

Greg Beckett wants you to sponsor him when he runs the New York Marathon for us

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Greg Beckett who lives in London is seeking sponsorship to run in the New York City Marathon on Sunday 1 November 2015 – for Antibiotic Research UK.   It’s the first time that Greg has run the New York marathon and he needs all your support to help him get round the course. This event is one of the largest …

Fantastic News – Google grant awarded to Antibiotic Research UK

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We have just been awarded a Google grant towards our Google Adword campaign and we are very excited. Google asked what Antibiotic Research UK’s mission is, we responded with: The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron stated recently that if we don’t develop new antibiotics, medicine could go back to the Dark Ages. If no new antibiotics are developed then …

Watch our latest promo talking about the scale of the problem with Antibiotic Research UK - please help us discover a new antibiotic

Watch our video about Antibiotic Resistance and the threat it poses to humanity

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Antibiotic Research UK are the worlds first charity determined to discover a new antibiotic by 2020. There have been no new antibiotics discovered for the last 30 years. Now there is a huge rise in Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria infections in western hospitals in the form of MRSA and many others.   Join with us as we set out to tackle …

Professor Dame Sally Davies reports directly to the Prime Minister David Cameron and endorses the work Antibiotic Research UK are currently doing

Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer writes to support Antibiotic Research UK

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Dame Sally Davies who stated that the threat of antibiotic resistance was as great as the terrorist threat writes; ‘The problem of antibiotic resistance is a global threat to modern medicine which needs tackling now. I am really pleased to learn of the creation of Antibiotic Research UK, the world’s first charity dedicated to developing new antibiotic therapies funded by …

David Battie from Antiques Roadshow fame nearly lost a leg to Antibiotic Resistance, tells his story to Antibiotic Research UK

David Battie, star of BBC’S Antiques Road Show says ‘No, I’m not dead – but I was nearly’

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David Battie writes ‘You may have heard that I had quietly passed on to that auction house reject shelf in the sky. Actually, it was close. I was on my way to Norwich for a talk when my prostate demanded immediate attention. It was a country road and an oak tree solved the problem. I was on my way back …

Burkholderia cepacia Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria is on the worrying threat level for virility - Antibiotic Research UK

Burkholderia cepacia Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria has a moderate threat level

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First Documented: 1949 Illness Caused: Pneumonia Antibiotic Resistance: Low Virulence: Worrying First discovered in 1949 B.cepacia was discovered by Walter Burkholder in and is the bacteria that cause the common onion skin to rot.  Yes the one you leave in the pantry as it rolls to the back and creates that funky smell, and first described as a human pathogen or toxic poison in the 1950s.  Whilst the chances of …

Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - Antibiotic resistant bacteria with a moderate threat level to human health - Antibiotic Research UK

MRSA – Antibiotic resistant bacteria explained Staphylococcus aureus – Antibiotic Research UK

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MRSA – Antibiotic Research UK – First Documented: 1884 Illness Caused: Pneumonia, Flesh Eating Disease Antibiotic Resistance: Medium Virulence: Dangerous MRSA is a bacteria and acronym that stands for something the lounge does not want to twist its words around in your mouth, and after I write this will no doubt be cast into the confides of your mind only to be soon forgotten. …

Top 10 Superbugs these are teh most lethal strains of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria known to man

Top 10 most lethal Superbugs the world should be scared of

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We all know the difference between a virus and   We all know how antibiotics work on bacteria We all know that Ebola is a virus and Salmonella is bacteria, right? You know what a white blood cell looks like when it is hunting bacteria?   Whilst we tell ourselves that we know all about the most dangerous bacteria, here …

O’Neill Report is released sponsored by UK Government and Wellcome Trust

O’Neill Report is released sponsored by UK Government and Wellcome Trust

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The Review has today set out its initial reccomendations in the paper Tackling a global health crisis: Initial steps. We use this paper to set out our assessment of the international AMR research funding landscape, and make our first recommendations for global action to address the challenges of rising drug resistance. This includes the establishment of a global AMR Innovation …

Antibiotic Research UK - We aim to find cost effective approaches to finding new drugs against superbugs

Antibiotic Research UK’s research programmes

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Our charity aims to take highly innovative and cost- effective approaches to finding new drugs against superbugs. The research programmes will be undertaken in the UK’s universities, institutes and specialty pharmaceutical companies and will focus for the next few years on fi nding drugs which are ‘antibiotic resistance breakers’ (ARBs). ARBs might be drugs used to treat other medical conditions …

Government's report into Antibiotic Resistance has been released and affirms Antibiotic Research UK's science research

UK Government O’Neill reports backs up Antibiotic Research UK Strategy

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The latest Interim Report published this morning by the O’Neill Commission ( takes up some of the recommendations made by the world’s first charity Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) dedicated to developing drugs against antibiotic resistant infections. The report states we should ‘Make existing drugs go further: a systematic programme of re-examining existing antibiotics could test whether changing the dosing or …

In Europe and the United States, antimicrobial resistance causes at least 50,000 deaths each year, they said. And left unchecked, deaths would rise more than 10-fold by 2050.

Professor Garner Antibiotic Research UK responds to Government Report as “wake up call”

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Antibiotic Drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide – more than currently die from cancer – by 2050 unless action is taken, a study says. They are currently implicated in 700,000 deaths each year. The analysis, presented by the economist Jim O’Neill, said the costs would spiral to $100tn (£63tn). He was appointed by …

Richard Branson believes that if your dreams dont scare you they are too small. We worry that if the future does scare it is becuase we have not developed any new Antibiotics

Richard Branson’s “dreams scare him”, but what about a world where Antibiotics no longer work?

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Those who achieve great things are the ones willing to be scared but not scared off. If you dream big and take risks, impossible becomes just a word. What is your big dream, and how are you going to turn it into reality? @richardbranson our dream is discovering a new Antibiotic within the next 5 years, prevent the waste of 50M peoples …

BIA Gala Dinner chief beneficiaries Antibiotic Research UK who proudly are named charity of the year by the Biotech organisation

ANTRUK Invites you to industry at the BIA Gala Dinner at the Natural History Museum

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In 2014 670 life science professionals from over 300 of the UK’s foremost biotech companies, government and the media joined together to network, meet old friends and make new business contacts.   19.00 – Midnight The flagship BIA Gala Dinner continues to be the premier bioscience networking event of the year and we invite you to join us once again …

Bio Industry Association BIA announce Antibiotic Research UK charity of the year

BIA selects Antibiotic Research UK as its charity of the year for 2015

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The UK BioIndustry Association, the BIA, is the trade association for innovative enterprises involved in UK bioscience. Members include start-up, emerging and more established bioscience companies; pharmaceutical companies; academic, research and philanthropic organisations; and service providers to the bioscience sector. The BIA works to further the interests of members and the industry – nationally and internationally. Our heritage of innovation, …

Infogrpahic showing how Antimicorbial Infection will claim more lives per year than Cancer by 2050 according to the UK Government study - Sourced from the BBC

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs to kill ‘more than cancer’ by 2050

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Drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide – more than currently die from cancer – by 2050 unless action is taken, a study says. They are currently implicated in 700,000 deaths each year. The analysis, presented by the economist Jim O’Neill, said the costs would spiral to $100tn (£63tn). He was appointed by Prime …

Antibiotic Research UK have applied for a Twitter grant to help them fight antibiotic resistant bacteria

Antibiotic Research UK apply for Twitter Grants for Good

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Below is an open letter to Twitter applying for one of their grants for good   Dear Sir or Madam, How are you today? I would like to apply for a twitter sponsored charity fund appeal. Let me tell you why we are the perfect fit for Twitter’s most honorable donation fund. Antibiotic Research UK is the world’s first …