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Yorkshire Post coverage of Antibiotic Research UK – Thanks Alex Wood (we think)

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We would like to say thanks to the Yorkshire Post who ran our story on the 16th October.  The article does not say who authored it but we think it is Alex Wood so thank you to you too.  Have a read of the article in which we touch on our quest to find a new antibiotic by 2020.  The …

More people die from Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria than on the Roads in the UK

First Radio coverage of a new charity – Antibiotic Research UK

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The news of our new charity was given air time last night as a headline on the 7 pm News from Radio York.  Huge thanks to them for the interview, have a listen below and tell me what you think about the problem of the rise in antibiotic resistant infection.  We believe that all antibiotics will be come in effective …

Help Antibiotic Research UK in by giving today

World’s first charity formed to combat Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

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Date: 15 October 2014– Bacteria are now making antibiotics ineffective. Surgery as we know it today will become impossible – new hips, knees, organ transplantation and many cancer treatments will become high risk. To tackle this impending medical catastrophe a new national charity ‘Antibiotic Research UK– developing new antibiotics’http://www.antibioticresearch.org.uk Twitter address http://www.twitter.com/1antruk (acronym ANTRUK) has been formed by a group …

Antibiotic Research UK Developing new antibiotics

When was the last time you took antibiotics?

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Our purpose is to spread awareness around the significant rise in antibiotic resistant infection.  We are going to talk clearly about what that means to people.  Currently Ebola virus is massively in the news and there is a global panic that ensuing in its wake.  The problem with antibiotic resistant infection, which is on the increase, is that it will render …

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New Charity Launched to tackle Antibiotic Resistant Infections

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October 1 2014 is the official launch of our new charity dedicated to tackling the major problem of antibiotic resistant infections. If we don’t act then infections that can be treated now will become life-threatening in the future. We need you to help us whether you are a lay member of the public, a scientist, clinician or politician. PLEASE HELP …