Professor Alison Holmes giving an online antibiotic research lecture

Lecture rated a “tour de force”

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Professor Alison Holmes giving an online antibiotic research lectureFor this year’s Antibiotic Research UK’s annual lecture, Professor Alison Holmes (pictured) of Imperial College London produced a wide-ranging and passionate presentation that had delegates rushing to praise its insight on antimicrobial optimisation.

And also receiving plenty of plaudits at our Annual Lecture event were patients Lisa and Nina who relayed deeply touching stories of their battles with drug resistant infections and heartfelt thanks for the support they had received from our charity.

Key date

The Antibiotic Research UK Annual Lecture has become a key date in the scientific calendar and even though COVID-19 meant this was our first online event, it still boasted a packed programme of progress.

Our Science and Education Committees both reported back significant strides forward. Arlene Brailey, Nina and Lisa then updated us about Patient Support.

What seemed like a routine gall bladder procedure for Nina (pictured below) was not so simple. It turned into eight operations, a three-week fever and severe pain. Her condition means that there are only five antibiotics that can treat her. “I wanted answers and that’s when I found Arlene. Now I just want to return the favour by telling my story” she revealed.

Wide ranging

Nina talking about her experience with antibiotic resistance A world-renowned expert in pandemics, Professor Holmes included topics as broad as the rise of Hydroxychloroquine, patient focussed decision-making, better fellowships for young researchers, personalised dosage for patients and the need for global collaboration in combating antibiotic resistance.

Alison revealed in her introduction that she was joining the conference from Hammersmith Hospital. What a very fitting location in this year of pandemic!

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