Live in North Yorkshire? Tickets still available to learn more about superbugs? Come along to learn more at Helmsley Arts Centre on Sunday 17 November 2019

Colin Garner ANTRUK announcements, Great British Tea Party

Ever wondered why superbug infections are on the increase? Two weeks ago the Government published a REPORT saying antibiotic prescribing is down but antibiotic resistance was up. Since 2014, there had been a 20% INCREASE in resistant blood stream infections. In 2018 1.5 MILLION patients had a urinary tract infection which needed hospital treatment. There were nearly 70,000 resistant infections reported mainly in the under one or over 65 age group.

But do you know what is meant by antibiotic resistance? Have you ever taken antibiotics which didn’t work? You can learn about all of these things and more by attending a talk at the Helmsley Arts Centre given by Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK).  The talk title is – How Antibiotic Resistance Is Impacting Modern Medicine – Tackling The Superbug Menace!

ANTRUK is the world’s first charity focussed on tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance. It relies on public donation in its mission of fighting superbugs through

  • research into new treatments
  • educating the public on how they can play a role
  • providing patient support

The event on Sunday 17 November commencing at 2.30pm is at the Helmsley Arts Centre and will be introduced by the charity’s Patron, Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York. Following on from a similar event a few years ago, after Colin’s talk there will be a Q and A led by Dr Neil Todd, Clinical Director and Consultant Microbiologist at York Teaching Hospital. This event is part of WHO’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week as well as being part of the charity’s national event, the Great British Tea Party. Tickets are £8 each and can be purchased directly from Helmsley Arts Centre by clicking HERE