We are looking for Trustees to help our growing charity – get involved in fighting antibiotic resistance

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Imagine a world without antibiotics when even a simple scratch could kill. Feeling anxious that the next time you may have to have surgery that you pick up an untreatable infection.

Every day in the United Kingdom around 30 people will die from an antibiotic resistant infection with many more having to be given potent antibiotics. In 2016 over one million people in England were treated by their doctor for a drug resistant urinary tract infection (UTI). If we do not reverse this trend of increasing antibiotic resistance it has been estimated by 2050, more than 10 million people will die annually around the globe.

Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) is the world’s first charity created to tackle bacterial antibiotic resistance. Formed in mid-2014 by some of the UK’s leading scientific and clinical resistance experts, the charity’s mission is to develop new antibiotic therapies, educate the public and professionals about resistance and provide patient support and information. Due to the growth of our charity we are seeking three outstanding individuals to join our Board of Trustees.

This is an exciting time for our charity as we build on the success of previous years. In 2018 we completed our first research projects to identify Antibiotic Resistance Breakers. This has resulted in two or three continuation programmes to be put together. In addition, we have raised sufficient funds to employ a Patient Support Officer, our first step in helping patients affected by antibiotic resistance.

We are a small charity (last year’s income was around £300,000) but are aiming to go places. We need to increase our Trustee number (currently seven) to expand the range of expertise represented as well as to allow for succession planning. Our current Trustees details can be found here – https://www.antibioticresearch.org.uk/who-we-are/board-of-trustees/

You would be part of our Board responsible for steering and governing the charity to help us reach our ambitious targets. Our current Trustees have a mix of backgrounds and expertise ranging from science, medicine, finance, legal and business. We are keen to broaden the range of expertise as well as prepare for succession planning when the current chair retires at the 2019 AGM in the Autumn of that year.

We are looking specifically for Trustees based in the South East and with a broad contact network. We see one of the roles of our Trustees to aid us in raising money to tackle antibiotic resistance. Applicants should preferably be working in business, accountancy or the law. Trustees are not remunerated but reasonable expenses will be re-imbursed. Trustees meet formally three times a year – usually there is one face to face meeting with the other meetings by teleconference.

Closing date for applications: 31 July 2018

Next Board meeting date: Thursday 18 October 2018

Informal enquiries should be directed to Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive

Email: info@antibioticresearch.org.uk