Lord Jim O’Neill to give ANTRUK’s Inaugural Lecture on Antibiotic Resistance

Colin Garner Uncategorised

We are delighted to announce that Lord Jim O’Neill who led the Government’s Antimicrobial Review and whose final report was published in May of this year is to give the 2016 Antibiotic Research UK Inaugural Lecture. Lord O’Neill was appointed by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron to look into why no new antibiotics have been developed. He and his team have published a number of authoritative reports with the Final Report being published in May 2016.
Lord O’Neill’s talk entitled “ Turning Ideas into Action. Solving AMR” will take place at 2.30pm on Monday 24 October 2016 at Portcullis House, Westminster. If you are interested in attending then please email info@antibioticresearch.org.uk giving your name and email address. Lord O’Neill’s talk will be followed by the charity’s Annual General Meeting. All charity Members, the media, Ministers, MPs and Lords as well as members of the public are welcome to attend Lord O’Neill’s talk and the AGM. Since numbers are restricted, please let us know if you wish to attend this event as soon as possible.