New Patient Support Officer Arlene Brailey Joins Us in the Fight Against Superbugs

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Antibiotic resistance, that is where bacterial infections have become resistant to antibiotic treatment, threatens modern medicine. Nearly all medical treatments rely on effective antibiotics to guard against life-threatening infections. Treatments for cancer, heart disease, organ transplantation, C-sections and cystitis all need antibiotics to work.

Our charity is tackling resistance through research into new treatments, educating the public and professionals about the problem and providing patient support to those with an infection.
We are delighted to announce that Arlene Brailey has joined us to take on the position of Patient Support Officer. This is the first such position in the UK to be funded by a charity – it continues our aim of providing a holistic approach to fighting AMR.

Arlene writes ‘I am delighted and excited to be taking up this post as Patient Support Officer with ANTRUK, and the opportunity to design and create a new support system for patients experiencing antibiotic resistant infections. My goal is to gather information and evidence based knowledge, and principles of best practice within this field – and then working with the experts, healthcare professionals and lay people who have a particular interest, to make that information accessible to patients in easily understood language and provide support in a variety of formats.

As a pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in postgraduate education in my previous post as Assistant Director of NHS Education for Scotland (Pharmacy) I have experience in a wide variety of national projects involving the gathering and sharing of information. Examples include the introduction of both distance learning and web-based educational programmes for 4500 Pharmacists across Scotland. Many of the programmes I produced were adopted by, or co-produced with other countries within the UK.

My work evolved into the field of antimicrobial stewardship when I served for approx 8 years as the Education Lead within the Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group (SAPG). This included the production of educational resources around antimicrobial stewardship for Pharmacists, Nurses, General Medical Practitioners and Foundation Year doctors. I hope my experience of working in this field, and an understanding of the complex issues around antimicrobial stewardship and antimicrobial resistance will help me to serve and support both patients and the wider goals of ANTRUK.

On a more personal level, I feel real compassion for those who are suffering from the impact of resistant infection, as a consequence of being a carer for my 24 year old son, who has been unwell with resistant infections for over 6 years. I am looking forward to this opportunity, through ANTRUK, to help bring together information, clarity and support to those patients (and their families), as they seek knowledge and information, and mutual support with others who have an understanding of their experience.

We could not have taken Arlene on without your generous support. BUT Arlene works part time and we only have enough funds today for 12 months of this vital work. Please DONATE to make sure Arlene can carry on her work after 12 months.