Please help us to plan our next five year’s strategy

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It is now just over five years since our charity was formed to tackle the major public health problem of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Since that time, we have grown as a charity and have accomplished a great deal in our three focussed activities of research, education and patient support. Making sure we are doing what you want us to do is very important to us. Could you please find 10 minutes to fill out our questionnaire using this LINK to support our future antibiotic research strategy.

Over the past year, we have all come to understand how quickly and dramatically a global health crisis can change our lives. We have witnessed the positive impact of quick actions by scientists, governments and the public, but also the heavy cost of inaction. It is crucial we use this experience to address what might be the next global health emergency, the rise of bacterial antibiotic resistance.

As the only charity in the UK dedicated to fighting antibiotic resistance, the mission of Antibiotic Research UK is threefold: to fund research into new antibiotic therapies and alternative treatments for infections; educate the public on how to prevent antibiotic resistance; and support individuals affected by resistant infections.

Since the charity was founded in 2014, we have funded research to discover antibiotic resistance breakers (ARB), launched a small research grants scheme, developed extensive public educational materials, and established the first patient support service in the UK for people with antibiotic-resistant infections.

To ensure that we build on this vital work and continue to expand our services to make a positive impact in the future, we are currently developing our strategic plan for the next five years. As someone interested in our charity, your input on our current services and the areas we should prioritise moving forward will provide a valuable component of this process.

We would be very grateful if you could take 5-10 minutes to complete the ONLINE SURVEY by 12th February 2021. The information you provide will give us invaluable insight into how we can best achieve our vision and inform our antibiotic research strategy.

Most people had never heard of the term pandemic until COVID-19 struck, and the world was ill-prepared for this rampant viral infection. Let’s work together to ensure that the next pandemic is not from antibiotic resistant bacteria, and that we are ready to fight, and prevent, this slower insidious but no less devastating pandemic of antibiotic resistance.

Kind Regards,

Colin Garner
Chief Executive, Antibiotic Research UK