Obama's office in White House produce a strategy to tackle the problem of Antibiotic resistant Bacteria

President Obama acknowledged the need for innovation to address drug-resistant bacteria – Antibiotic Research UK

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President Obama acknowledged the need for innovation to address drug-resistant bacteria and has delivered a strategy white paper on staving the crisis of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

A summary of the paper that is directly relevant to us Antibiotic Research UK ANTRUK is point four.

Accelerate Basic and Applied Research and Development for New Antibiotics,

Other Therapeutics, and Vaccines. Antibiotics that lose their effectiveness for treating human disease through antibiotic resistance must be replaced with new drugs. Alternatives to antibiotics are also needed in agriculture and veterinary medicine. The advancement of drug development requires intensified efforts to boost basic scientific research, facilitate clinical trials of new antibiotics, attract greater private investment, and increase the number of antibiotic drug candidates in the drug-development pipeline. We must also promote the development of other tools to combat resistance, including new and next-generation antibiotics, vaccines, additional therapeutics, and diagnostics


What that means will be up to the task force to determine, since the report didn’t specify a strategy. Even if the latest presidential actions don’t change the way antibiotics are currently prescribed, however, the heightened awareness that the White House is bringing to the problem may start to push things in the right direction. Already, Perdue, one of the country’s largest producers of poultry, announced that it will no longer use human antibiotics with 95% of its chickens.




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