Profile of our Fundraisers

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As a very young charity determined to tackle antibiotic resistance we can only do this by raising funds from Trusts and Foundations, major donors, corporations and private individuals. To make our charity stand out from the crowd requires a particular type of person who has great personal skills, good knowledge about our mission, has great organisaitonal skills and can argue our case persuasively. We think that we our fundraisers meet all these characteristics and more.

For 2016 we have relied on Rory Wardroper as our main fundraiser and advisor.  Julie Dean has now joined the team as our Fundraising Consultant, succeeding Rory who has helped us get to the position we are now in. Rory, well known to many of our supporters, has fulfilled his task and will be working with Julie to ensure a smooth transition. Rory, who will continue to support us through his membership of ANTRUK, has given us his wealth of knowledge, and I am sure will continue to follow our fortunes in the coming months and years.

With 12 years’charity experience Julie joins ANTRUK as part time Fundraising Consultant. Julie’s previous role as Head of Development for Opera North, the North of England’s national opera company, involved overseeing its significant charitable operations. Her previous roles include working for New Zealand’s Blind Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK. Julie joins us with a specialism in major donors and family trusts and foundations. We hope to make good use of her experience and abilities in raising essential funds, enabling ANTRUK to reach our ambition of bringing a new antibiotic therapy into clinical use by the early 2020’s’.

Julie joins Alison Staples who is also a part time fundraising consultant.  Alison works for fundraising consultancy 117 Consulting based in Manchester.  Alison writes ‘My role is to secure funding for ANTRUK projects from charitable trusts and foundations. I have an academic history in life sciences and a fundraising career which spans environmental, disability, arts and medical charities at a senior level. I believe passionately in the work ANTRUK is doing and am excited by the innovative approach they’ve taken with Antibiotic Resistance Breakers. From a personal point of view, without Antibiotics I simply wouldn’t be here! In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which resulted in me having a stem cell transplant and high dose chemotherapy. This treatment completely wiped out my immune system and left me very vulnerable to infection. Antibiotics played a vital role in my recovery – the thought of a world where antibiotics are no longer effective terrifies me. ANTRUK’s research gives me hope for the future.