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Our BBC Radio 4 appeal is now live!

Hear the fantastic Adam Rutherford present our appeal.

Adam is a scientist, author and broadcaster. Some of you may be familiar with his work presenting Inside Science on Radio 4.

You can find out about his personal story with antibiotic resistance and why he supports our work in the appeal.

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Hear the appeal here

Our supporters are getting involved in the appeal and want to share their story

Nina had her gallbladder removed and during her recovery developed a resistance infection. She is now reliant on antibiotics for the rest of her life. Nina would like to know what her future holds and supports our appeal to raise awareness about resistance infections.

Lisa has experienced a number of antibiotic resistant infections – including lung and surgical site infections. Lisa’s life and her family’s has been impacted with stays in and out of hospital. Lisa volunteers constantly to support education into antibiotic resistance.

Ronda is a sepsis survivor after developing a drug-resistant urinary tract infection. Ronda is worried about her immune system and if she will succumb to COVID-19. Ronda wants everybody to know antibiotic resistance is a global killer as explained in our appeal.


Tune in to Radio 4 (92-95 FM) on Sunday 1 November at 7.54am (repeated at 9.25pm)

If you can’t listen live visit our website in the evening and we will add a link to the recording.
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