Sarah Glover Cycling Challenge

Read Sarah Glover’s blog as she cycles 20 miles a day for 20 days for 20ps’

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Day 1

Feeling nervous but excited at the same time – before work.

Straight forward ride to Pickering, down A169 to Low Marishes, over to Thornton-Le Dale and then back through Pickering for a loop round Riseborough and Marton.

Weather HOT and sunny!

Miles: 22.3
Sarah Glover Cycling Day 1 Map

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 1

Ready to Start the challenge!


Day 2

Decided to include some hills as feeling strong before work.

Up to Cropton, over to Newton on Rawcliffe, nice decent into Pickering followed by the Riseborough /Marton Loop again.

Weather VERY HOT and sunny

Miles: 20.9

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 2 Map

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 2

Ready to go!


Day 3

Cycled with Lawrence (Husband) so quicker pace. Feeling a bit achy by the end of today- Day off work today.

Over Riseborough – Marton, Normanby, Great Barugh, Kirkby Misperton, down A169 – Low Marishes, Thornton-Le Dale where we stopped for a much deserved ice cream!! And then back through Pickering.

Weather VERY HOT and sunny.

Miles: 22.3

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 3 Map

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 3

Well desrved ice cream on route!


Day 4

Decided to get up earlier to have cooler weather. Legs took a while to wake up but I feel fit today.

Over to Riseborough, Marton, Normanby , Great Barugh, Little Habton, Great Hapton, Kirkby Misperton, and back through Pickering.

Weather Warm/hot, but a pleasant breeze.

Miles: 20.4


Day 5

Again decided to have an early start – 6am for cooler weather.

Did the almost the same ride as yesterday but in reverse. Today was 1.3MPH faster!!

Weather warm and pleasant

Miles: 20.6

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 5 Map

Day 6

For a change I decided to do an off road ride on my mountain bike. It was a long slow climb up into Dalby forest followed by some exciting fast sweeping trails up and down over obstacles along the way.

A quick visit to the cafe in Low Dalby for a coffee, before heading back via Ellerburn through Thornton – Le Dale and Pickering.

A VERY hot and tough challenge today, but well worth it for the adrenaline rush and amazing views.

Totally exhausted for the rest of the day.

Weather – VERY hot and sunny

Miles: 21.4


Sarah Glover Cycling Day 6 Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest Trails

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 6 Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest Trails



I cycled across this!


Overlooking Dalby Forest

Sarah Glover Cycling Day 6

Vest tops rather than cycle jersey as so hot!

Day 7

Later morning start. Really needed a ‘recovery’ ride after the off road on day 6 but decided it would be nice to go up towards the moors.

Climbed up to Cropton, through Lastingham and onto Hutton-Le-Hole. Then down towards Marton before climbing up again to Great Edstone. Then on to Salton, Normanby and into through Marton back to Pickering.

Weather – cooler but hot on the climbs.

Miles 20.8



Sheep on the road!

Day 8

Legs felt quite achey and tired when I woke up this morning! wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the ride before work as felt quite tired. Chest less sore today although pollen quite high.

Once I got going I felt much better and did 21.4 miles at 15mph average speed!

Over to Riseborough, Great Barugh, Kirkbymisperton, Great Hapton, back to Great Bargugh, Normanby, Marton and back home.

Weather  Sunny, blue sky, but cooler and felt quite fresh.

Miles 21.4



Sarah Glover Cycling Day 8

Beautiful weather at 6.30am!