Some Recent Amazing Fundraising Events for ANTRUK

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It would be impossible for ANTRUK to carry out its mission of fighting antibiotic resistance without lots of people raising money for us. Here are just a few of the recent events;

  • Frank and Heather organised a concert in Anstey , Leicester which raised an amazing £700. One of the highlights of the concert was Sam Rodwell playing classical guitar accompanied by his Dad on a bongo drum (see . June played piano accompaniment for her cousin Ann who sang ‘I dreamed a dream’ from Les Miserables.

Frank and Heather handing over a £700 cheque











  • June and Colin asked their friends to donate to ANTRUK rather than give presents for their Golden Wedding Anniversary – they raised over £1000. Why don’t you when you next have a big event coming up do something similar?
  • we had 10 runners in the London Landmarks Half Marathon and we raised over £6000. Tris P who was one of our runners said ‘I really enjoyed running past many of the iconic landmarks of London, as well as some of the less known ones (which were signposted for runners). Knowing that I was raising money for such a great cause made the event even more enjoyable.’

Tris P running the London Landmarks Half Marathon

The Thebaut family running for ANTRUK