Kevin Hollinrake talking about how to get better prepared for pandemics

Roundtable hears – be better prepared for pandemics

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Kevin Hollinrake talking about how to get better prepared for pandemics

Rt Hon Kevin Hollinrake MP

A Parliamentary discussion heard how we need to be better prepared for pandemics in the future. It is yet unknown whether it be viral, bacterial, or fungal, but we know it will occur.

Our Chief Executive Professor Colin Garner joined Dr Ron Daniels BEM (Executive Director, The UK Sepsis Trust) at the virtual event. They told decision-makers that collaboration between medical charities to produce a cohesive policy document was paramount to beating future infections.

Also of vital importance to help us get better prepared for pandemics was:

  • Drawing-up of a national serious infection and antibiotic resistance registry (on death certificates for example) that includes clinical and patient level data.
  • Creation of a UK Antibiotic Research Fund for pre-competitive basic science research in areas of infection and sepsis.
  • Founding of a new UK antibiotic research fund.
  • Rapid, effective diagnostic equipment to test whether patients have a bacterial or viral infection.

Organised by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer UK, the “Tackling Future Infection Threats” event boasted an impressive array of speakers. These included Lord Grade (peer and sepsis campaigner) and Kevin Hollinrake (MP).

Mr Hollinrake, representing Thirsk and Malton, revealed how he had been made aware of antibiotic resistance. His constituency is home to the only charity in the world solely dedicated to fighting the issue – Antibiotic Research UK!

He also told delegates that he had signed a communication to government, composed by his colleague Julian Sturdy MP, calling for a minister with responsibility for AMR to be appointed.