The Royle Variety Ball, Manchester – 16 November 2019

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Daisy Royle-Walsh’s The ‘Royle Variety Ball’ is being held in memory of her late father Chris Royle who sadly passed away on 1st May 2019 after contracting two antibiotic resistant infections.

Daisy writes;

‘My aim is to raise awareness and funds for a charity that is likely to impact all of us at some point in our lives. Bacterial resistance to current antibiotics is becoming a global health catastrophe which is taking the lives of 700,000 people a year and is predicted to cause 10 million deaths globally by 2050 if the current situation isn’t improved.

I have organised a ball as a fun way to make money for this charity, I hope you can join me for some great food and fantastic entertainment!

So excited to share the tickets with you all!

To purchase tickets please email this address

Thank you so much, let’s make it a night to remember!!