Sheila’s Story

Arlene Brailey

Living with recurrent UTI’s has taught me one thing and that is to know the meaning of the word “DREAD”

I live in constant dread of yet another UTI, dread that you never know when the next one will turn up, dread of how it will affect your day, dread that it will be at the weekend – no doctor, dread of wetting yourself as you wait, dread of feeling so unwell,  dread of a temperature, dread of the length of time your sample takes to come back, dread if positive, then dread about yet another course if antibiotics coming your way, dread they may not work, dread that one day they might not.

Unless you have suffered from recurrent UTI’s you could never understand the dread /anxiety even depression of how they affect relationships, social and working life.

I am a 71 yr old woman who has over 50 yrs constantly looked for answers, constantly aware of my bladder, constantly spending money on hopeful remedies.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have had good health, but unlucky enough to have suffered UTI’s intermittently since adolescence. My first experience was at the age of around 13 when I was hospitalised for a week with a kidney infection, then from my early 20’s and repeatedly ever since. There has got to be an answer and hopefully soon but in the 50 years I have searched nothing has changed!!

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