Top tips for organising a charity event at your university

Organising a charity event when you haven’t done it before can be a daunting prospect. If you’re fundraising for Antibiotic Research, here are some top tips to make your event a success:

  • Share the workload

    Get a small team together to help share the workload

  • Organise something fun/interesting

    Think about your audience and what they enjoy when deciding on your event

  • Make a profit

    Use a simple spreadsheet to work out all your costs and all your possible income sources and then think how many people might take part. If the numbers don’t stack up can you cut your costs or make more money another way?

  • Be clear how much goes to charity

    By law you have to let people know how much of their money will be going. E.g. All profits from the event will go to Antibiotic Research UK or £5 from each ticket will go to Antibiotic Research UK

  • Find a venue

    Does your university have space you can use or perhaps you could use a local venue instead

  • Get permission

    Check if you need permission to hold the event

  • Insurance

    If you are holding an event in a venue you should check that they have public liability insurance that will cover you if something goes wrong

  • Promotion

    Make sure everyone knows about your event. You could think about, university news and websites, personal invites, intranet, posters, emails, social media, press release

  • Prizes

    If you need prizes for your event consider writing to local businesses and asking for their support. If you need a letter confirming you are raising money for Antibiotic Research UK get in touch

  • After the event

    Don’t forget to thank everyone and let them know how much money you raised. This will help next time you want to organise an event