The Antibiotic Research UK Great British Tea Party 2017 - 18th November 2017

Celebrate 90 years of antibiotics with a Great British Tea Party

Gather friends, family, fellow students, colleagues and club members during World Antibiotic Awareness Week to fundraise for Antibiotic Research UK and help ensure antibiotics continue saving lives for another 90 years and more!

How to organise your Great British Tea Party

Here are a few of the things you’ll need to think about to hold a successful tea party:

  • Venue

    Your home or garden, college or university, at work, a local community hall, a hospital – anywhere you can get permission, a few tables and chairs, and a kettle.

  • Fundraising

    Ask attendees for a donation to attend or charge by the slice for your tasty creations? Take a look at our ‘Trouble’s brewing’ video further down this page to show attendees why their support is so important.

  • Cakes

    Make them all yourself, ask people to bring along their greatest bake or shop bought. Whatever you do, make sure you include allergen information.

  • Materials

    Register your Great British Tea Party with us and request a fundraising pack for great ideas and fundraising materials.

Top Tip! – A few savoury bakes always go down a treat in addition to cake.

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Cheryl Baker supports Antibiotic Research UK

Short Film – ‘Trouble’s Brewing’

We’ve produced a short film about the global catastrophe that is antibiotic resistance. Show it at your party and share it via social media to help spread the word.

Great British Tea Party fundraising pack
What’s inside our fantastic fundraising pack:
  • Letter

    A letter for the host, which gives some important information about the event and authorises you to fundraise on behalf of ANTRUK.

  • Posters

    Posters to help you advertise your tea party to friends and colleagues.

  • Promotional Materials

    Promotional materials: balloons, cake labels, bunting and leaflets to make sure you look the part.

  • ANTRUK Information

    ANTRUK information, such as information leaflets, donation envelopes and collection boxes to help to inform your guests about antibiotic resistance.

  • Press Release Template

    A press release template so you can let the local media know about your great party and our great work.

  • Donation & Gift Aid Forms

    Donation & Gift Aid Forms; if you collect the names and addresses of the people who donate, we can claim an additional 25p for every pound raised via Gift Aid.

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Holding a tea party?
Need a little extra fundraising inspiration?

We’ve put together a list of fundraising activities to help you plan the perfect party.

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