Take part in a sporting event for Antibiotic Research UK

Why fundraise for ANTRUK?

Antibiotic-resistant infections can affect anyone, and they can be devastating. For an increasing number of people, routine procedures are becoming life-changing experiences. Imagine finding that a simple infected wound cannot be treated with the usual antibiotics, and that it could cause you to become disabled, or even die. This is the reality people with antibiotic-resistant infections face.

We’re committed to funding research to stop antibiotic resistance in its tracks. We are dedicated to supporting everyone affected by antibiotic-resistant infections, now and into the future. We will educate the public, so we can all play our part in stopping this health catastrophe.

It’s important work, but it costs money. We’re grateful for every penny we receive, and we will ensure it’s put to good use.

Antibiotic-resistant infections kill people every day. Thank you for supporting our work.

Antibiotic Research UK marathon runner jumping

Charity sports events

Vitality Big Half 2021

We are excited to have a limited number of places available in the Vitality Big Half 2021.

Taking place on Sunday 22nd August 2021, this fantastic half marathon is run on closed roads and follows part of the London marathon route. There will be social distancing measures in place at the event to ensure you have a safe and comfortable race.

Registration is £30 and runners have a £350 fundraising target.

Joining the Antibiotic Research UK team you will be helping to fund research into new antibiotic therapies and supporting people affected by antibiotic resistant infections. You will receive the full support of a fundraiser in reaching your target and an Antibiotic Research UK running vest.

To register your interest please complete our online form and Claire will get in touch with you to discuss your application.

Please note that completing the form does not guarantee you a place.

Virgin Money London Marathon 2021

We have a limited number of virtual London Marathon places.

Taking place on Sunday October 3rd your support will help fund vital research into new antibiotic therapies and support patients affected by antibiotic resistant infections.

To find out more about running the London Marathon and to express an interest in one of our places then please click here.

Take on your own challenge in your own time

You don’t need to give up on your dreams of taking on a sporting event such as running a marathon or a 10k or cycling 100 miles just because the big events aren’t happening.

It is easier than ever to take on a virtual sporting challenge and with Strava now linking directly to your Just Giving page you can update your supporters on your distances. We can send you a t-shirt, cycling top or running vest and you can make it feel like a real event with friends and family cheering you on along the route.

Alison who walked a marathon up and down her street to raise money for Antibiotic Research UK says “I wanted to do something to support Antibiotic Research UK and celebrate 10 years since I finished cancer treatment for a rare blood cancer so I figured this was my year to do a marathon. The neighbours were all great cheering me on and cheering me up when it got difficult. 10 years ago I was also in lockdown as I was in isolation in hospital – antibiotics saved my life as I was so vulnerable to infection. I was so pleased to complete the marathon and I managed to raise loads of money for charity too.”

Get in touch here to let us know about your challenge.

Keep going Alison