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COVID-19: a glimpse into our future?

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The year is 2051. More than 10 million people have died from antibiotic-resistant infections this year. People are asking why we didn’t do more to protect our precious antibiotics. Why are people dying from what were previously ‘minor’ infections? How did such a devastating pandemic come out of nowhere like this? The truth is that the above situation could happen …

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Gut bacteria, antibiotics and human health

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Did you know there are as many bacterial cells in the human body as there are human cells? These bacteria are essential to life and good health. They are also of increasing interest to scientists and doctors investigating causes of ill health. This blog provides a simple summary of some of the latest and most interesting research in the field …

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It is safe to have the COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics

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Antibiotic Research UK’s vital work providing support to people who have antibiotic-resistant infections has made it clear that better patient advice about vaccinations is urgently needed.  Our Patient Support Service is reassuring 10+ people per day (by telephone or email) that it is safe to have a COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics. Alarmingly, we have heard from a small number …

David Aaronovitch to give video talk at ANTRUK’s Annual Lecture

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Antibiotic Research UK are pleased to announce that David Aaronovitch is to give a video talk at Antibiotic Research UK’s Annual Lecture 2017 David Aaronovitch – the British journalist, broadcaster, and author who is well known for his columns in The Times – will talk about his own experiences of suffering from an antibiotic resistance infection. David understands first-hand the severe …

Response to Llewellyn et al paper – ‘The antibiotic course has had its day’ in the British Medical Journal

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Much media interest has arisen from the publication of a paper by Dr Martin Llewellyn and colleagues in the British Medical Journal in which they propose that the duration of antibiotic treatment can, in many cases, be shortened. The authors argue, with little evidence, that failing to complete a prescribed antibiotic course contributes to antibiotic resistance, and that policy makers, educators …

Medicine risks going “back to the dark ages”

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Medicine risks “going back to the dark ages” without action to spur the development of new antibiotics, according to Margaret Chan, head of the World Health Organization. Only two new antibiotics have reached the market in the last 50 years and this has already started to have an impact on ordinary people. In May this year, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) was …

Dame Sally Davies FMedSci DBE FRS

Dame Sally Davies, CMO, to give ANTRUK’s Annual Lecture

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Antibiotic Research UK is delighted to announce that the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Dame Sally Davies, will be giving our 2017 Annual Lecture, which will be held on Wednesday 11th October 2017 in the Attlee Room at Portcullis House, Westminster.  The programme for the afternoon’s event can be found HERE. Dame Sally has been a vital figure in …

David Battie giving a talk for Antibiotic Research UK

Antiques Roadshow presenter David Battie: “Antibiotic resistance nearly cost me my leg” 

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David Battie has returned to the Antiques Roadshow where his familiar face can once again be seen offering advice to visitors and valuing their treasured items. His sudden absence from the show back in 2012 created quite a stir. What many viewers and fans did not realise was that his absence was caused by an unfortunate accident that resulted in …

Antibiotic Research UK in the news

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Over the last month, Antibiotic Research UK has been appearing in the news, with both Professor Colin Garner, chief executive at ANTRUK, and Emily Morris, an ANTRUK ambassador, featuring in interviews and news articles. Towards the end of May, Professor Garner was interviewed for the Pharmaceutical Journal, with regards to G20 health leaders meeting in Berlin and signing a declaration …

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ANTRUK’s Education Committee gathers for first official meeting

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Antibiotic Research UK has three main goals: developing new antibiotic therapies, providing patient support and educating the public on sensible use of antibiotics and the threats of overuse. To address the third goal, Antibiotic Research UK held its first formal Education Committee meeting. The aim of the committee is to provide guidance to the charity on educational programmes and materials, …

Sarah Glover Cycling Challenge

Calling All Cyclists: ANTRUK welcomes you to join the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire team

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Dental surgeon and ANTRUK volunteer, Sarah Glover is organising a team of cyclists for the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire on 30th April 2017. A team of 12 is already in place and there are 50 places to fill, so if you are interested in being part of the team, please do get in touch. The goal is to raise £150 …

Emily speaking about her chronic antibiotic resistant infection

Introducing Emily Morris, an Antibiotic Research UK ambassador

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At the last Antibiotic Research UK AGM, Emily Morris, an ambassador for our charity, spoke very openly about her experience of living with an antibiotic resistant infection. Emily is a young mother, a daughter, and a fiancée. Antibiotic resistance does not just affect her, but her family, friends, and all those around her. Like Emily, there are thousands of people currently …

“Resistance” – An Excellent Drama and an Eerie Warning

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Val McDermid’s radio play Resistance, broadcast on Radio 4, with lead actor Gina McKee, concluded last Friday on a chilling note. Her calculated vision of a world beset with a lethal bacterium immune to antibiotics not only carried a compelling story, but also engaged with the core elements of the debate on AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance). The origins of the outbreak, …