The Observer Publishes Letter from Antibiotic Research UK in Response to Editorial

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In The Observer of 20 September 2015, the Observer published an editorial called ‘Time for world to act on antibiotic resistance’. The editorial highlighted the fact that antibiotic resistance was becoming a major health problem and that no new antibiotic class has been discovered in the past 30 years. The editorial went on to say that without effective antibiotics much of modern medicine would become impossible and that more investment in antibiotic drug development was needed. Much of what was said in the editorial chimed with why Antibiotic Research UK was created. As the world’s first charity to tackle bacterial antibiotic resistance, Professor Garner wrote a  ‘Letter to the Editor’ on how the charity sector might play a leading role in discovering antibiotics. His letter was published in the Sunday 27 September 2015 issue as the main letter to the editor. You can read the original Editorial and the published Letter to the Editor from Professor Garner here.