Can you get the COVID-19 vaccine while on antibiotics?


There is usually no reason to avoid having your COVID-19 vaccine simply because you are taking antibiotics. However, where someone is experiencing current acute severe illness with fever, the information from manufacturers state that vaccinations should be postponed.

Public Health England’s Immunisation Against Infectious Disease (the Green Book) also states that minor illnesses without fever or systemic upset are not valid reasons to postpone immunisation. Individuals who are acutely unwell can have their immunisation postponed until they have fully recovered. This is to avoid confusing the differential diagnosis of any acute illness (including COVID-19) by wrongly attributing any signs or symptoms to the adverse effects of the vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines trigger the body’s natural production of antibodies and stimulate immune cells to attack and neutralize the virus and hence protect against COVID-19 disease. This is why antibiotics will be unlikely to have an effect on the effectiveness of the vaccine to stimulate the immune system. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and have no effect on the virus or your immune response to the vaccine. You can read more about bacterial infections here:

You can discuss vaccine concerns with the health professional administering your vaccine.

If you wish to download and print a copy of this question and answer click HERE. If you are on antibiotics then show this advice to your vaccinator.

Here is detailed information about the vaccines.

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