I’ve just been offered a cystoscopy for next week. I’ve said yes but I’m absolutely terrified of going into hospital due to the coronavirus and my husband being high risk and myself and my son are asthmatic. What should I do?


Where treatments and procedures are essential, hospitals are ensuring that these patients are treated in areas well away from COVID-19 patients, and extensive hygiene and infection control practices are applied (see your hospital website or call the admissions office for more information). Since you and your family members are all considered to be at higher risk than the general population, you may wish to discuss with your GP the benefits of going ahead with the cystoscopy and measure that against the potential risks to you and your family. This is a difficult but very important decision you have to make, and you should be guided by your healthcare team in reaching that. You can read more about ‘shielding’ HERE, and the advice that has been given about protecting yourself from catching COVID-19 during this time.

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