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UK Grateful Dead rock fan leads other Deadheads around the world to raise funds for Antibiotic Research UK

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Chris J, a lifelong Grateful Dead rock fan writes:

‘I run an internet-group for, as we refer to ourselves, Deadheads. Last November we had to virtually relocate our group to a new service provider – and it required a payment of $220 to do so. I solicited funds from group members and we raised the necessary funds. Once we’d reached our target I asked people to consider donating to Antibiotic Research UK. It’s one of my favourite charities. It’s small, it’s local, I know the people, you trusted what was then my company with your website, and – most importantly – your work is absolutely vital. The current pandemic should have heightened awareness of this, despite the pandemic being caused by a virus, not a bacterium.

Grateful Dead fan who has been fundraising for Antibiotic Research UK

That was last year, and you’ll no doubt have seen that I raised a certain amount of dosh for you and then the flow stopped. You can’t keep going back to the same people day after day.

But then lockdown started and for the last several months, I’ve been very active within the group. I’ve been sharing (legally – the Grateful Dead allowed fans to record their shows) music and stories to the group. People seemed to appreciate my actions and so at the end of May I said to the group that if they wanted to thank me, they could make a donation to Antibiotic Research UK. Lots of them did, which was very pleasing, as it enabled me to pass my target of £1,000. I think that including Gift Aid it should now be over £1.2k. And it’s all come from Deadheads. I felt really pleased when I reached my total, and I’m delighted that it’s going to help such an excellent cause.’

You can help too

Rock fans – why not do what Chris did and start fundraising for Antibiotic Research UK? Like all charities we have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. All the monies we used to raise from sporting events, gala evenings and community groups has stopped. In the ‘new normal’ we need to find new ways of raising funds. Chris’s example could be repeated many times over if other rock fan groups followed his example.

Antibiotic resistance is a global, national and local problem. Our charity is carrying out practical steps to lessen the impact of drug resistant infections but we cannot do this without donations. Please help by going to Chris J’s JustGiving Page or donating directly HERE.

Find out more about fundraising for Antibiotic Research UK HERE.